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Zeldin Collection

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     12th Street


     Ace, George
     Adams Transfer and Storage Company
     African Americans
     Allen, Forrest C. (Phog)
     Allen, Gracie
     Amo Cafe
     Amos and Andy
     Andrew Jackson Statue
     Anthon, Ferris
     Armour Boulevard
     Arnstein, Nicky
     Art Goebel School of Flying
     Automobile Industry
     Bennett, John G.
     Bennett, Myrtle
     Bernie, Ben
     Boley Building
     Budd Park
     Burns, George
     Byrd, Richard E.
     Cantor, Eddie
     Chambers, Annie
     Chaplin, Charlie
     Civil War
     Coca-Cola Building
     Convention Hall (second)
     Correll, Charles
     Criminal Court Building
     Cromwell, Frank H.


     DeMille, Cecil B.
     Democratic National Convention
     Dempsey, Jack
     Earhart, Amelia
     Elms Hotel
     Faeth Company
     Fairyland Park
     Fishbein, Morris


     Gargotta, Charles
     General Hospital
     Goebel, Arthur C.
     Gosden, Freeman
     Graf Zeppelin
     Hagel, Fred
     Harlow, Jean
     Hill, John V.
     Holland, Louis E. (Lou)
     Horse Racing
     Hotel President
     Hutton, Dave
     Hyde, B. Clark


     Jackson County Courthouse--Kansas City (Third)
     Jarrett, Art
     Journal-Post Old Car Run
     Kansas City Blues
     Kansas City Bridge Company
     Kansas City Club Building
     Kansas City Journal Post
     Kansas City Journal-Post
     Kansas State Penitentiary
     KMBC Radio
     Landis, Kenesaw Mountain
     Latshaw, Ralph S.
     Liberty Memorial
     Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
     Lindbergh, Charles A.
     Luvadis, Jerry (The Greek)


     MacNamee, Graham
     Main Street
     Mann, Conrad H.
     McCormic, Mary
     McElroy, Henry F.
     McPherson, Aimee Semple
     Mercantile Trust Company
     Meyers, William D.
     Muehlebach Field
     Muehlebach Hotel
     Municipal Airport
     Municipal Auditorium
     Murray, William H.
     National Biscuit Company
     Northeast High School


     Penn Valley Park
     Plaza Hotel
     Police Department
     Police Officers
     Pollack, John C.
     Rahe's Auto and Tractor School
     Rector, George
     Reed, James A.
     Rockne, Knute
     Roosevelt, Franklin D.
     Ross, Nellie Tayloe
     Rural Scenes
     Ruth, Babe


     Scola, Sam
     Scout Statue
     Shannon, Joseph B.
     Sherman, Hal
     Signboard Hill
     Smith, Bryce B.
     Southwestern Bell Telephone Building
     Spanish-American War
     Summe Dairy Company
     Swope, Thomas H.
     Taylor, Estelle
     Trans World Airlines (TWA)
     Trans World Airlines Building (TWA)
     Turner, Roscoe
     Union Station
     University of Kansas


     Van Brunt Boulevard
     Wheat, Zachariah D. (Zack)
     Wilkins, Hubert
     Woodring, Harry H.
     World War I
     Wynn, Ed