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South Central Business Association Collection

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     11th Street
     31st Street
     32nd Street
     47th Street
     9th Street


     Acheson, George R.
     Ad Club
     African Americans
     Agricultural Hall of Fame
     Aladdin Hotel
     Alberghetti, Anna Maria
     Alderman, D. R.
     Allan, Robert H.
     Allen, Forrest C. (Phog)
     Allen, Harry R.
     Allison, Fran
     American Dairy Association of Missouri
     American Legion
     American Royal
     American Royal Queens
     Anderson, Lawrence C.
     Angle, Ralph
     Ararat Shrine Temple
     Armed Forces
     Armour Boulevard
     Armour Fields Residential District
     Army Corps of Engineers
     Atkinson, Arthur K.
     Attorney Generals
     Automobile Dealerships
     Automobile Shows
     Automobile Wrecks
     Baker University
     Baker's Shoes
     Bales, Pat
     Barney, Keith R.
     Bartle, H. Roe
     Baseball Players
     Batchler, Jack L.
     Baumann, Charles
     Beach, John Roy
     Beasley, Joe
     Beauty Pageants
     Bell, C. Jasper
     Bell, William M., Jr.
     Bellerive Hotel
     Belove, Libby
     Benton School
     Berger, Richard
     Berl Berry Motors
     Berry, Berl
     Berry, J. H.
     Bicknell, Max
     Bills, Mark W.
     Blair, David L.
     Blair, James T., Jr.
     Bland, Theodoric R.
     Blocher, Samuel J.
     Blum, Thomas
     Board of Trade
     Bodine Drugstore
     Bolling, Richard W.
     Bolling, Richard W., Mrs.
     Bondshu, Lowell T.
     Bonomo, Joe
     Bookwalter, Edwin O.
     Bowling Alleys
     Boy Scouts
     Brancato, Rosemarie
     Brannon, Bernard C.
     Brecklein, Hugo
     Bright, William R.
     Broadway Boulevard
     Brock, Hobart M.
     Brookfield, Dutton
     Brookside Residential District
     Brown, C. W.
     Brown, Dwight
     Budweiser Beer
     Burke, Mildred
     Burns, Walter Pope
     Bush, Hilary A.
     Business Executives
     C. A. Kiger Company
     Campbell Street
     Campus Crusade For Christ
     Carlson, Frank
     Carnegie, Dale
     Carpenter, Milton
     Carson, Mindy
     Carter, J. C.
     Carter, James D.
     Carter, John E.
     Catholic Churches
     Catts, George
     Centertown Teen Club
     Central Missouri State University
     Chalmers, A. B.
     Charlie Fisher Buick
     Christian Science Churches
     City Employees
     City Hall (12th Street)
     City Manager
     City National Bank
     Civil Defense
     Clay, George H.
     Clifford-Tessman Recreation Company, Inc.
     Clinton, Missouri
     Cofer, Junius B.
     Cole, William C.
     Commerce Towers Building
     Cookingham, L. P.
     Corbett, J. J.
     Country Club Plaza
     Crabb, Jarred
     Craft, Harry F.
     Crawford, Joan
     Crawford, Ralph J.
     Cunningham, Fairy


     Dalton, John M.
     Dana, Viola
     Darby, Harry
     Davenport, Dorothy
     Davidson, John
     Davis, Ilus W.
     Dean, Daffy
     Dean, Dizzy
     Dean, Frank J.
     Department of Agriculture
     Department Stores
     Des Islets, Col. R.E.M.
     Detroit, Michigan
     Disney, Lillian Bounds
     Disney, Walt
     Docking, George
     Donaldson, Jesse M.
     Donovan, Eldon C.
     Downey, John J.
     Dr. I. Q.
     Drake, Richard M.
     Dukelow, Donald A.
     Duncan, Richard M.
     Eagleton, Thomas F.
     Edwards, Ralph
     Ellis, Elmer
     Elms Hotel
     Ensley, Harold
     Episcopal Churches
     Evening Scenes
     Eyer, Donald B.
     Eykamp, Edith E.
     Falin, Jack
     Faris, Mary Jane
     Fashion Shows
     Federal Bureau of Investigation
     Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
     Felt, W. Mark
     Fenn, Jean
     Ferguson, William M.
     Field, Margaret
     Finley, Barbara J.
     Finley, Charles O.
     Firestone Store
     Flott, Donald
     Flowers, Myrtle
     Fort Leavenworth
     Fox, Henry Hudson
     Fraternal Organizations
     French, Ray F.
     Friday, Pat
     Frisch, Frankie


     Gafke, Loren
     Gage, John B.
     Gallagher, D. M.
     Gallop, C. Rouss
     Garran, Peter
     Geigel, Bob
     Gelperin, Abraham
     Gephard, Lawrence
     Gibson, Floyd
     Gore, Thomas P.
     Gough, Joseph E.
     Goulde, Leonard W.
     Graham, Thomas D.
     Grand Avenue
     Granger, Farley
     Grant, Gogi
     Gray, Carl
     Gray, G. Charles
     Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P Store)
     Griffith, Harvey
     Grocery Stores
     Groner, Powell C., Sr.
     Groundbreaking Ceremonies
     Groves, Walter A.
     Hall, Porter T.
     Hallett, Norman M.
     Hallmark Cards
     Hardwicke, H.M.
     Harlow, Jean
     Harmon, Albert J.
     Harmon, Merle
     Harmonica Rascals
     Harrison, David E.
     Hartenbower, Joe
     Hayes, Bill
     Haynie, Carl F.
     Hazlett, James A.
     Head, Clarence W.
     Health Department
     Hearnes, Warren E.
     Helier, Jean
     Henderson, M. J.
     Henke, Gordon
     Herrington, John
     Hickman, Marlene
     Hightower, Rosella
     Hilscher, Herbert T.
     Hitch, A. M.
     Holland, Louis E. (Lou)
     Holman, Haskell
     Hopkins, Glen J.
     Hotel President
     Hughes, Larry E.
     Hughes, Mary Beth
     Ice Capades
     Ice Hockey
     Ice Skaters
     Independence, Missouri
     Indiana Drifters
     Interior Views
     International Relations
     Isaac, Lester B.
     Isis Theater


     J. C. Penney, Incorporated
     Jefferson City, Missouri
     Jenison, P. S.
     Jenkins, Burris A.
     Jessee, Randall
     Johnson County, Missouri
     Johnson, Fred
     Johnson, H. W.
     Johnson, Harold K.
     Johnson, Maurice E.
     Johnson, William D.
     Jones Store Company
     Jones, Laurence W.
     Jones, Royal
     Jones, Tilford S.
     Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.
     Joyce, Sally
     Junction, The
     Kansas City Athletics
     Kansas City Blues
     Kansas City Centennial
     Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
     Kansas City Life Insurance Company
     Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra
     Kansas City Power and Light Company
     Kansas City Public Service Company
     Kansas City Quartermaster Depot
     Kansas City School District
     Kansas City Southern Industries
     Kansas City Southern Railway
     Kansas City Star
     Kansas City Steak
     Kansas State Highway Patrol
     Kansas Turnpike Authority
     Katz Drugstore
     Katz, Michael
     Kay Hotel
     KCTV Tower
     Kelley, Clarence M.
     Kellogg, Jay C.
     Kemp, William E.
     Kemper Military School and College
     Kendall, Byron F.
     Kennedy, Margaret E.
     Kester School for Exceptional Children
     Ketchum, Hollis
     Kilbride, Percy
     Kirkpatrick, James C.
     Kivett, Clarence
     Klick, Charles
     KMBC Radio
     KMBC Tune Chasers
     Kroger Stores
     Labor Unions
     Laine, Frankie
     Lake City Army Ammunition Plant
     Lake Lotawana
     Lake Taneycomo
     Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority
     Landon, Alf M.
     Lane, Clark
     LaSalle Hotel
     Laurence Liggett
     Leeds, Bill
     Lescoule, Jack
     Lewis, Ed (Strangler)
     Lewis, Jerry
     Liberace, George
     Lieutenant Governors
     Lincoln, L. J.
     Linn, Roberta
     Linwood Boulevard
     Liquor Control Department
     Lisle, Clarence
     Local Historians
     Locust Street
     Long, Edward V.
     Lovinger, Warren C.
     Lucerne Hotel
     Ludy, Carl D.
     Luzier, Neal
     Lyle, Levitz
     Lynch, Donald H.


     MacArthur, Douglas A.
     Mack, Al
     Mack, Harold
     MacKenzie, Giselle
     MacMorris, Daniel
     Macon, Missouri
     MacQuarrie, Haven
     Magill, Larry W.
     Main Street
     Main, Marjorie
     Maness, Sally
     Mann, Conrad H.
     Manor Bakery
     Markhus, Orrin
     Marsh, Betty
     Marsh, John
     Marshall, Missouri
     Martin, Andrew
     Masterson, Vincent V.
     May, Ebert H.
     Mayerberg, Samuel S.
     McGarr, Lionel C.
     McGrath, Earl J.
     McGuff, Joe
     McNutt, Paul W.
     Meade, Julia
     Medical Personnel
     Mehl, Ernie
     Mental Health
     Meyer Boulevard
     Meyer Circle Fountain
     Midwest Research Institute
     Milgram Food Stores
     Milgram, Les
     Miller, Otis
     Millett, Lewis L.
     Millians, Paul
     Milligan, Maurice M.
     Minchin, Humphrey Cotton
     Missouri Department of Corrections
     Missouri River
     Missouri State Highway Commission
     Missouri State Highway Department
     Missouri State Highway Patrol
     Missouri State Penitentiary
     Missouri State Treasurer
     Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad
     Mitchell, James
     Moberly, Missouri
     Monroe, James
     Montana, Monte
     Moore, H. Guy
     Moore, Robert S.
     Moran, Glennon T.
     Morris, M. E.
     Moss, Gale
     Mosser, Robert S.
     Motion Pictures
     Muehlebach Brewery
     Muehlebach Hotel
     Municipal Auditorium
     Municipal Stadium
     Musical Groups
     Myers, William J.
     Nash, Clarence
     Nash, E. V.
     Native Americans
     Nazarene Churches
     Nazarene Publishing House
     Nelson, Evelyn
     Nevada, Missouri
     Nichols, Horace
     Nigro, D. M.
     Noback, Richardson K.
     Noel, Sidney Q.
     Norman, Harold
     North, Mary Beth
     North, Ted, Jr.
     Norton, Jane
     O'Connor, George J.
     O'Connor, Pat
     O'Leary, Joseph E.
     O'Neill, Hugh S.
     Oak Street
     Olathe Naval Air Station
     Old American Insurance Company
     Olrich, Ernest L.
     Olson, Robert A.
     Order of De Molay
     Osburne, Eddie
     Osmun, Russel A.
     Ottawa University
     Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church
     Owsley, Arvid (Hippo)


     Page, Lila
     Palmquist, Ernie
     Palmquist, Virginia
     Park and Tilford Reserve Whiskey
     Park College
     Park, Guy B.
     Parker, Paul P.
     Parking Lots
     Parking Meters
     Parkinson, Carolyn J.
     Parkview Drugstore
     Parkville, Missouri
     Parmenter, Roy W.
     Paseo Methodist Church
     Paton, N. Emerson
     Patrick, H. Louis
     Paul, Robert
     Pedersen, J. C.
     Pence, Margaret
     Pendergast, James M.
     Penney, J. C.
     Peterson, Frank J.
     Petticoat Lane
     Pettus, Guy T.
     Pettus, Tony
     Phillips Hotel
     Phillips Petroleum Company
     Pierce, Walker
     Pierson, Elmer F.
     Pinkley, Virgil
     Pla-Mor Amusement Center
     Police Board
     Police Chiefs
     Police Department
     Police Department Employees
     Police Department Headquarters
     Police Officers
     Postal Employees
     Potts, Edward W.
     Potts, L. L.
     Presidential Elections
     Professor Quiz
     Putsch, J. W.
     Radio Stations
     Rand, Sally
     Randall, Glenn
     Randall, Lynn
     Ratchford, C. B.
     Rawlinson, Herbert
     Reed, James A.
     Rees, Clifford H.
     Reeves, Albert L.
     Reid, W. H. E.
     Reid, Wallace, Mrs.
     Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
     Republican Party
     Research Hospital
     Research Medical Center
     Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
     Rich, Irene
     Richard Bolling Federal Building
     Richards Gebaur Airport
     Riederer, Henry A.
     Rieger, Jack
     Rockaway Beach, Missouri
     Rockne, Knute
     Roller Derby
     Rosebush, Kenneth E.
     Rosenberg, Herman P.
     Russell Stover Candies
     Russell's Restaurant


     S. S. Kresge Company
     Safeway Stores, Incorporated
     Saint Denis, Ruth
     Saint Paul's Episcopal Church
     Saint Regis Hotel
     Salter, James M.
     Santa Claus
     Scarborough, William J.
     Schaffner, James E.
     Schlagle, R.
     Schoeppel, Andrew F.
     School Superintendents
     Schwada, John W.
     Schwieger, Hans
     Scofield, Carleton F.
     Scott 5 and 10 Stores
     Scott, Betty Sue
     Scottish Rite Temple
     Sea Horse Fountain
     Second Church of Christ Scientist
     Second Presbyterian Church
     Secretaries Forum of Kansas City
     Seifried, Ira J.
     Seitz, John A.
     Selkirk, George
     Sermon, Roger T.
     Shackelford, Earl
     Shankman Building
     Shankman, Morris
     Sharpe, Carleton
     Sherry, Victoria
     Shlensky, Morris
     Shoe Stores
     Shopen, Cecil
     Short, Henry
     Shower, Albert J.
     Shreve, Earl O.
     Sierra, Margarita
     Sivils, Shirley
     Slick Airways
     Small, Phil
     Smith, Charles A.
     Smith, Forrest
     Smith, R. Jasper
     Smith, W. Wallace
     Snead, Nell
     Snider, M. J.
     Soloveitchik, Samson
     South Central Business Association
     Southern, Allen C.
     Spencer, Robert N.
     Spivey, D. T.
     Sporting Goods Stores
     Standard Oil Company
     Stark, Nathan J.
     Starlight Theater
     Steffens, Sherlie Lou
     Stengel, Charles Dillon (Casey)
     Stevenson, John D.
     Stock Exchange
     Stover, Clara L.
     Stover, Russell
     Street Lights
     Street Railways
     Street Scenes--1920-1940
     Streetcars, Electric
     Strickler, Thomas J.
     Sturdy, Orvis A.
     Swain, Earl
     Swansen, Roy
     Swanson, Roy
     Swensen, Harold R.
     Swyden, Frank
     Symington, Stuart
     Taelemans, Frans
     Taneycomo Hotel
     Television Journalists
     Television Programs
     Television Stations
     Thanksgiving Day
     Theatrical Performances
     Thomas, Irma
     Thomason, Don
     Thompson, Carolyn
     Thomson, William C.
     Three Stooges
     Tibean, Sandy
     Tibeau, Sandra L.
     Trelease, Richard M.
     Trinity Lutheran Hospital
     Troost Avenue
     Truman, Harry S.
     Tucker, Forrest
     Tucker, Raymond R.
     Turnbill, Roderick
     Uhls, T. Roy
     Unge, Bror W.
     United Kingdom
     United States Army
     United States Navy
     University of Kansas
     University of Kansas City
     University of Missouri--Columbia
     University of Missouri--Kansas City


     Van Ackeren, Maurice E.
     Van Dorn Sisters
     Van Walt, Harry P.
     Vendo Company
     Veterans Administration (VA)
     Veterans Administration Regional Office Building (VA)
     Veterans Affairs Hospital
     Volker Boulevard
     Voting Machines
     Waggoner, Hugh H.
     Wagner, Barbara
     Waldrip, Marion Nelson
     Walnut Street
     Warrensburg, Missouri
     Warrick, Ruth
     WDAF Radio
     Weatherford, Robert
     Welles, Edward R.
     Wescoe, W. Clark
     Western Auto Supply Company
     Western Electric Company
     Westhofen, Charles L.
     Whaley, Randall
     Wheeler, Charles B. Jr.
     Wheeler, Hubert
     Whitaker, Jack P.
     Whitecotton, Thomas E.
     Whiteman, Paul
     Whittier, Sumner
     Whitton, Rex M.
     Wicks, Edwin O.
     Wiggs, Herbert M.
     Willham, Oliver S.
     William Jewell College
     Williams, Edward L.
     Williams, Jack K.
     Wilson, Herbert V.
     Wirthman, Joseph C.
     Wolferman's Grocery Store
     Woodring, Harry H.
     World War II
     Wormington, Bill L.
     Wormington, Bob J.
     Wornall, Kearney


     Yager, Harold E.
     Young, Paula
     Young, William L.
     Ziegler, George E.
     Zwingle, John L.