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Montgomery Photograph Collection

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     10th Street
     11th Street
     1201 Walnut Building
     12th Street
     12th Street Incline
     12th Street Viaduct
     13th Street
     14th Street
     15th Street
     16th Street
     17th Street
     1881 Flood
     18th and Vine District
     18th and Vine Jazz Fest
     18th Street
     1903 Flood
     1908 Flood
     1951 Flood
     1993 Flood
     19th Street
     19th Terrace
     1st Street
     20th Street
     21st Street
     22nd Street
     23rd Street
     23rd Street Viaduct
     24th Street
     25th Street
     26th Street
     26th Street Viaduct
     27th Street Viaduct
     27th Terrace
     2nd Street
     30th Street
     31st Street
     32nd Street
     35th Street
     36th Street
     37th Street
     38th Street
     39th Street
     3rd Street
     40th Street
     41st Street
     43rd Street
     45th Street
     46th Street
     47th Street
     4th Street
     51st Street
     52nd Street
     53rd Street
     54th Street
     55th Street
     56th Street
     58th Street
     59th Street
     5th Street
     60th Terrace
     61st Street
     63rd Street
     68th Street
     6th Street
     6th Street Trafficway
     75th Street
     7th Street
     7th Street Trafficway
     80th Street
     81st Street
     83rd Terrace
     85th Street
     85th Troop Carriers Squadron
     8th Street
     8th Street Tunnel
     9th Street
     9th Street Incline


     Abbott Laboratory
     ABC Cabinet and Store Fixture Works
     Abernathy Furniture Company
     Abernathy Residence
     Abraham Lincoln Statue
     Ace, Goodman
     Ace, Jane
     Ackermann, Al
     Acme Cleaning Company
     Ad Club
     Adams, Arthur F.
     Admiral Boulevard
     Admiral Hay Press Manufacturing Company
     Advance Office Equipment and Supply Company
     Aero Club of Greater Kansas City
     African Americans
     Agnes Avenue
     Aguirre, Pedro Joab
     Aguirre, Tony
     Aikens, Lizzie
     Aircraft Industry
     Airplane wreck
     Al G. Kelly and Miller Brothers Circus
     Aladdin Cycle Company
     Aladdin Hotel
     Albany Hotel
     Alberici, Vincent
     Albert J. Yanda Residence
     Aleman Court Fountain
     Alexander Majors Residence
     Alfred Benjamin Dispensary
     Alfred Benjamin Memorial
     All American Food Fair
     All Saints Hospital
     All Souls Church
     Allen Memorial Fountain
     Allen Motor Car Company
     Allen School
     Allen, Edward H.
     Allen's Drive-In
     Allied Motors, Incorporated
     Alpha Floral
     Altman Building
     Altoona Apartments
     Ambassador Apartments
     Ambassador Hotel
     American Academy of General Practice
     American Bank Building
     American Brake Shoe Company
     American Century Building
     American Century Statue
     American Express Company
     American Hereford Association Building
     American Legion
     American Legion Memorial
     American Legion Memorial Fountain
     American Newspaper
     American Restaurant
     American Royal
     American Royal Building
     American Royal Parade
     American Royal Queens
     American Smelting and Refining Company
     American Steel and Wire Company
     American War Dads Association
     Amusement Parks
     Anderson Photo Company
     Anderson, James (Historian)
     Andrew J. Snider Residence
     Andrew Jackson Statue
     Annie Cade
     Annunciation Church
     Annunciation Hall
     Antioch Community Church
     Antioch Shopping Center
     Arabia Steamboat Museum
     Ararat Shrine Temple
     Architecture--Art Deco
     Argentine, Kansas
     Argosy Casino
     Argyle Building
     Armacost Studebaker
     Armco Steel Corporation
     Armistice Day
     Armour Boulevard
     Armour Memorial Home
     Armour Packing Company
     Armour Packing Plant
     Armour Residence
     Armour Towers
     Armour, Henry
     Armour, Kirkland B.
     Armourdale, Kansas
     Army Corps of Engineers
     Arnold Residence
     Arnold, Elbridge
     Arrow Rock, Missouri
     Arrowhead Stadium
     Art Galleries
     ASB Bridge
     Asbury Methodist Church
     Asbury, George
     Ashland Hotel
     Ashland School
     Askew, Henry
     Assumption School
     Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad
     Athletic Tea Company
     Auditorium Plaza Garage
     Auditorium Theater
     August Meyer Memorial
     August Meyer Residence
     Aunt Sophie's Cabin
     Auto Wrecking Company
     Automobile Dealerships
     Automobile Industry
     Automobile Shows
     Automobile Wrecks
     Avenue Theater
     Avon Apartments
     Avon Hotel
     Avondale, Missouri
     Ayres, W.I.
     B. F. Goodrich Building
     B'nai Jehudah Temple
     Bacchus Fountain
     Bagnell Dam
     Bagpipe Players
     Baird Building
     Baker's Shoes
     Bale, Gloria
     Bale, Trevor
     Baltimore Avenue
     Baltimore Hotel
     Bank of America
     Bank of Commerce Building
     Bannister, Frederick J.
     Baptist Churches
     Baptist Medical Center
     Barber Shops
     Barclay Building
     Barlow Band
     Barnes Circus
     Barnes, Kay
     Barney Allis Plaza
     Barnum and Bailey Circus
     Bartels & Shores Chemical Co.
     Bartle Hall
     Bartle, H. Roe
     Barton Brothers Shoe Factory
     Battle of Lexington, Missouri
     Battle of Westport
     Battle of Westport Historical Marker
     Battle Row
     Beach, Albert I.
     Beals Building
     Beals, David T.
     Beardsley, Henry M.
     Beatty, Clyde
     Beauty Pageants
     Beauty Parlors
     Beckham Mercer and Company
     Beggs Wagon Company
     Behan Residence
     Bell Coal Company
     Bellemere, Fred
     Bellerive Apartments
     Bellerive Hotel
     Belles of the American Royal
     Belleview Avenue
     Belmar Residence
     Belmont Flats Apartments
     Belvidere Neighborhood House
     Bemis Brothers Bag Company
     Benjamin Residence
     Bennett Building
     Benny, Jack
     Benton Boulevard
     Benton School
     Benton, Carlton R.
     Benton, Elizabeth
     Benton, Maecenas E.
     Benton, Reuben
     Benton, Rita
     Benton, Thomas Hart (Artist)
     Benton's Steak & Chop House
     Bentonian Apartments
     Berbiglia, Incorporated
     Bergers Automobile Company
     Berkley, Richard L.
     Bernard, William R.
     Bernheimer Brothers and Co.
     Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
     Beth Shalom Synagogue
     Bethany Hospital
     Better Homes and Building Exposition
     Biblical Literary Society
     Bickley Pharmacy
     Bicycle Clubs
     Big Blue River
     Billy Williams Orchestra
     Binder, Billy
     Bingham-Waggoner Residence
     Bingham, George Caleb
     Bird Residence
     Bisbini, Antoinette
     Bisbini, Francesca
     Bisbini, Luisa
     Bishop Hogan High School
     Bixby Residence
     Black, Francis
     Blair, James T., Jr.
     Bloch Fountain
     Bloch, Henry W.
     Blocher, Ayers
     Blomberg, Bill
     Blossom House Hotel
     Blue Hills Country Club
     Blue Mill
     Blue Ridge Baptist Church
     Blue River
     Blue Valley Branch Library
     Blue Valley Industrial District
     Blues Stadium
     Bluff Street
     Bluff Street Bridge
     Bluford, Lucile H.
     BMA Building (Pershing Road)
     BMA Tower
     Board of Education
     Board of Trade
     Board of Trade Building (First)
     Board of Trade Building (Fourth)
     Board of Trade Building (Second)
     Board of Trade Building (Third)
     Boardman, Mrs. Charles D.
     Bodine, Walt
     Bolen Coal Company
     Boley Building
     Bolling, Richard W.
     Bollman Brothers Company
     Bolt Residence
     Bonaventure Hotel
     Bond Shoe Store
     Bonfils Building
     Bonnet, Henri
     Bonney, William H. (Billy the Kid)
     Book Sale
     Boone Residence
     Boone School
     Boone, Daniel
     Boone, Mable
     Boone, Morgan
     Boone, Nathan
     Boone, Verty
     Boone's Trading Post
     Border Star School
     Boston Braves
     Boston Building
     Boy Scout Memorial
     Boy Scouts
     Boy With Bear Statue
     Boyle-Pryor Construction Company
     Boys Club
     Bracken Building
     Brailey Building
     Brancato, Rosemarie
     Branch Library
     Brandenberg, Warren E.
     Braniff Airlines
     Bray Hotel
     Bray, Daniel P.
     Bretton's Restaurant
     Brick's Cabins
     Brinton, Harry
     Bristol Bar and Grill
     Broadway Bank
     Broadway Boulevard
     Broadway Bridge
     Broadway Ford
     Brock, Jim
     Brokers Building
     Brooklyn Avenue
     Brooks, Alvin
     Brookside Boulevard
     Brookside Residential District
     Brookside Shopping Center
     Brookside Theater
     Brotherhood State Bank
     Brown, John
     Brown, Peter
     Browning, Betty
     Browning, King and Co. Building
     Brunswick Hotel
     Brush Creek
     Brush Creek Boulevard
     Bryan, William Jennings
     Bryant and Douglas Stationery Company
     Bryant Building
     Bryant Farm
     Bryant School
     Buckingham Hotel
     Budd Park Christian Church
     Bulkey, David
     Bullene Family
     Bullene, Moore, and Emery
     Bunker Building
     Bunting-Stone Hardware Company
     Burge Family
     Burger King
     Burnap-Meyer Building
     Burnham Manufacturing Company
     Burnham Residence
     Burnham-Hanna-Munger Dry Goods Company
     Burnham-Munger Manufacturing Company
     Burton Publishing Company
     Busch, Carl
     Bush, Mrs. Carl
     Business Men's Assurance Company
     Bussee's Market
     Byram's Ford
     Byrd, Richard E.
     Byrum Motor Company
     C. J. Baker Awnings
     C. J. Tucker Residence
     C. R. Suter
     Cable Cars
     Cafe Allegro Restaurant
     Café Trianon
     Caffe Mario
     California Taqueria Restaurant
     Calvary Baptist Church
     Calvary Lutheran Church
     Camp Funston, Kansas
     Campbell Baking Company
     Campbell Residence
     Campbell Street
     Cancun Restaurant
     Car Barn
     Carbide and Carbon Building
     Carl's Repair Shop
     Carlson, Frank
     Carlton Apartments
     Carlton Hotel
     Carmen's Building
     Carpenter Residence
     Carthage, Missouri
     Cascone's Restaurant
     Case Park
     Case, Theodore S.
     Castle Apartments
     Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
     Catholic Chapel of Perpetual Adoration
     Catholic Church
     Catholic Churches
     Catholic Schools
     Centennial Building
     Central Avenue
     Central Bag Company
     Central Branch Library
     Central Business College
     Central Exchange
     Central Exchange National Bank
     Central Fire Station
     Central High School
     Central Library
     Central Methodist Church
     Central Park Gallery
     Central Presbyterian Church
     Central Street
     Central Wholesale Building
     Centropolis Hotel
     Century Building
     Century Theater
     Chace School
     Chace, Charles A.
     Chadwick, Abiather
     Chamber of Commerce
     Chamberlain, Clarence
     Chambers Building
     Chambers, Annie
     Chandler Court
     Chandler's Shoes
     Chanute, Octave
     Charles Carroll Spalding Memorial
     Charles Evans Whittaker United States Courthouse
     Charlie Parker Statue
     Charlotte Street
     Cherokee Drive
     Cherry Street
     Chester Riverboat
     Chicago and Alton Railroad Company
     Chick Residence
     Chick's Golf Practice Range
     Children's Fountain of the Northland
     Children's Mercy Hospital
     Children's Zoo
     Childs, David B.
     Childs' Kansas City Plating Works
     Chouteau Bridge
     Chouteau Court Apartments
     Chouteau Residence
     Chouteau, Pierre
     Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ)
     Christian Science Churches
     Christy Shows Circus
     Church of the Covenant
     Churchill J. White Residence
     Circus Parades
     Circus Tents
     Circus Wagons
     Cisco Kid
     Cities Service Oil Company
     City Center Square
     City Club
     City Council
     City Directories
     City Employees
     City Hall (12th Street)
     City Hall (5th and Main)
     City Hall (Kansas City, Kansas)
     City Hall Fountains
     City Ice and Storage Company
     City Market
     City National Bank
     Civil War
     Civil War Re-enactors
     Clarence Sondern Residence
     Clark Smith Residence
     Clark, Alex H.
     Clark, Alonzo B.
     Clark, B. C.
     Clark, Bennett C.
     Clark, Bertrand R.
     Clark, C. E.
     Clark, Champ
     Clark, Charles E.
     Clark, Charles H.
     Clark, Christopher
     Clark, Clement F.
     Clark, George Rogers
     Clark, Henry D.
     Clark, Henry M.
     Clark, Jacob
     Clark, James A.
     Clark, James B.
     Clark, James G.
     Clark, John A.
     Clark, John B.
     Clark, John B., Jr.
     Clark, M. Graham
     Clark, Malcolm
     Clark, Meriwether Lewis
     Clark, Missouri
     Clark, Nathaniel G.
     Clark, Paul
     Clark, Russell G.
     Clark, Sonya
     Clark, Tyrone
     Clark, William
     Clark's Point
     Clay County, Missouri
     Cleaver, Emanuel
     Clementine Churchill Statue
     Cleveland, Frances F.
     Cleveland, Grover
     Cliff Drive
     Clough, William M.
     Clover Residence
     Clunes Building
     Clyde Beatty Circus
     Clyde Congregational Church
     Coates and Bullene
     Coates Family
     Coates House Hotel
     Coates Opera House
     Coates Residence
     Coates, Kersey
     Coates, Sarah C.
     Coca-Cola Building
     Cochran, Bob
     Cockrell, Francis M.
     Cody, William F. (Buffalo Bill)
     Coffeyville, Kansas
     Cole Brothers Circus
     Cole Circus
     Colgate Palmolive Peet Company
     Colonial Dames of America
     Colonial Presbyterian Church
     Colonnade (North Terrace Park)
     Columbia National Bank
     Columbus, Kansas
     Commerce Bank
     Commerce Building
     Commerce Trust Company
     Commercial Club
     Commercial National Bank
     Commission Merchants
     Commodore Apartments
     Commonwealth Hotel
     Community Centers
     Community Christian Church
     Community of Christ Temple
     Community State Bank
     Concello, Arthur
     Concession Stands
     Concord Avenue
     Confederate Widows and Orphans Home
     Conger, Claude Merritt
     Congregation Sh'erith Israel D'Lubanitz
     Congregational Churches
     Conklin, Roland B.
     Conner Hotel
     Conservatory of Music
     Continental Airlines
     Continental Can Company
     Continental Hotel
     Continental Oil Company
     Continental Varnish and Color Company
     Convention Centers
     Convention Hall
     Convention Hall (first)
     Convention Hall (second)
     Cook Paint and Varnish Company
     Cookingham, L. P.
     Coon-Sanders Band
     Cooper, Tex
     Cordova Hotel
     Corn Products Refining Company
     Corps of Discovery Sculpture
     Corrigan Residence
     Cottage Inn
     Country Club Christian Church
     Country Club Congregational Church
     Country Club District
     Country Club Line
     Country Club Livery and Boarding Stables
     Country Club Plaza
     Country Clubs
     County Line Road
     Covenant Baptist Church
     Cowden Manufacturing Company
     Cowherd, William S.
     Cowskin River
     Cramer, Margaret
     Crawford's Place
     Creel, William F.
     Creighton, Edward
     Crestwood Residential District
     Crestwood Shopping Center
     Crittenden Family
     Crittenden, Henry
     Crittenden, Henry H.
     Crittenden, John
     Crittenden, John Dozier
     Crittenden, John J.
     Crittenden, John L.
     Crittenden, Thomas L.
     Crittenden, Thomas T.
     Crittenden, Thomas T., Jr.
     Crittenden, Thomas T., Mrs.
     Crittenden, Walter Jackson
     Crittenden, William L.
     Cromwell, Frank H.
     Crooks Terminal Warehouse
     Cropper, Tommy
     Cross, Asa Beebe
     Crossroads Arts District
     Crowley Cemetery
     Crowley, James
     Crown Center
     Crown Drugstore
     Crystal Pavillion Restaurant
     Cub Scouts
     Cudahy Packing Company
     Culebra Cut
     Custer, George A.
     Cutler and Neilson Paint and Color Company


     D'Amato, Ellen
     D'Arcy, Brian
     d'Bronx Restaurant
     Dailey Brothers Circus
     Dallas, Missouri
     Dalton Gang
     Dalton, William J.
     Damon, Vic
     Dan Rice Circus
     Dance Halls
     Daniel B. Dyer Museum
     Daniel Hawthorn Apartments
     Dante's Inferno Nightclub
     Darby, Harry
     Daub, Eugene
     Daughters of Isabella
     Daughters of Old Westport
     Daughters of the American Revolution
     Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial
     Davenport, Joseph J.
     Davenport, Orrin
     David T. Beals Residence
     Davidson Building
     Davidson's Furniture and Interiors
     Davis Genung Motors Company
     Davis, Harry
     Davis, Ilus W.
     De Kalb Fence Company
     Dean, Frank J.
     Deaner Institute
     Dear, Connie
     Dearhing Flats
     Deepwater, Missouri
     DeJarnett Residence
     Del-Ray Apartments
     Del-Ray Hotel
     DeLaSalle High School
     Delaware Apartments
     Delaware Street
     Delmar Hotel
     Delmonico Hotel
     DeLuxe Night Club
     Democratic National Convention
     Densmore Hotel
     Department Stores
     Derby Tavern
     Detention Home
     Devine, Andy
     Dick Williams Residence
     Dickey Clay Manufacturing Company
     Dickey, Walter S.
     Diemers Garage and Taxi
     Dierks Building
     Dierks Lumber Company
     Dierks, Hans
     Dierks, Herbert
     Dime Store
     Disney, Walt
     Display Windows
     Dixon Hotel
     Doanleigh Wallagh
     Dodge City, Kansas
     Dodson Line
     Doggett Dry Goods Co.
     Doherty Building
     Domphan Block
     Don Bosco Community Center
     Donnelly Garment Company
     Donnelly, Bernard
     Donnelly, Monsignor
     Donovan, Dan
     Doric Theater
     Dorsey, Olivia
     Dos Mundos
     Douglass Hospital
     Dozier, Frederick
     Dozier, Frederick, Mrs.
     Dr. Foster Ackley Residence
     Drake Hotel Apartments
     Drive-In Restaurants
     Drive-In Theaters
     Duff and Repp Furniture Company
     Dummy Line
     Dunn, Wilbur H.
     Dunton, W. Herbert
     Dwight Building
     E. B. Muzerelli Company
     E. C. White School
     E. F. Swinney School
     E. H. Bradbury Residence
     Eads Bridge
     Eagle Scout Memorial
     Eagle Statue
     Earl Coleman Orchestra
     Earl's Hamburgers
     Easley, Rick
     East Bottoms
     East Branch Library
     East End Hotel
     East High School
     Ebenezer Building
     EBT Restaurant
     Eddy, Ned
     Edward A. Stevens Residence
     Edward L. Scarritt Residence
     Edward W. Smith Residence
     Edwards, John N.
     El Taquito Restaurant
     El Torreon Dance Hall
     Elberfield, Alpha
     Eleanor Apartments
     Electric Park
     Electric Park (first)
     Electric Park (second)
     Electric Wiring Company
     Elementary Schools
     Elevated Railway
     Elks Club Building
     Elliot Sporting Goods
     Elliot, George
     Ellison Apartments
     Elms Hotel
     Elmwood Avenue
     Elmwood Cemetery
     Elsmere Apartments
     Elston Steel
     Elstun Brothers United Shows
     Emerald Theater
     Emery, Bird, Thayer Building
     Emery, Bird, Thayer Company
     Emil Chaquick Orchestra
     Emmanuel Lutheran Church
     Empire Ice and Storage Company
     Empire Theater
     Engine Company Number 19
     Engine House Number 25
     Engine House Number 6
     English Brothers Machinery Company
     Episcopal Churches
     Epperson Auditorium
     Epperson Residence
     Erwin Davis Motors
     Estella Apartments
     Esterley Family
     Esterly Garment Company
     Ethnic Enrichment Festival
     Euclid Apartments
     Eugene Field Apartments
     Eureka Building
     Evan Pugh Pharmacy
     Evans, Dale
     Evans, Tom L.
     Evening Scenes
     Ewing, Thomas E.
     Excelsior Springs, Missouri
     Executive Aircraft Company
     Exhibition Hall
     Exposition Building
     Eyssell, Fred Drugstore
     F. W. Woolworth Company
     F.P. Burnap Company
     F.Y. Batchelor
     Fairfax Airport
     Fairfax Building
     Fairfax Industrial District
     Fairmount Park
     Fairmount Street
     Fairy Princess
     Fairyland Park
     Falstaff Brewery
     Farm Equipment
     Farming Equipment
     Farmland Industries
     Fasenmyer Chevrolet
     Father Bernard Donnelly Residence
     Faultless Starch Company
     Faxon School
     Faxon, Frank N.
     Faxon, Horton and Gallagher Drug Company
     Federal Building (12th Street)
     Federal Building (8th and Grand)
     Federal Building (9th and Walnut)
     Federal Buildings
     Federal Office Building
     Federal Reserve Bank
     Federal Reserve Bank Building
     Fels, Arthur
     Ferris Wheels
     Fidelity Bank
     Fidelity National Bank Building (first)
     Fidelity National Bank Building (second)
     Finance Building
     Fine Arts Institute
     Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue
     Fire Department
     Fire Engine Company 20
     Fire Station Number 17
     Fire Station Number 9
     Fire Stations
     Fire Trucks
     Firefighters Fountain
     Firestone Building
     Firestone Store
     First Baptist Church
     First Church of Christ Scientist
     First Congregational Church
     First Covenant Church
     First National Bank
     First National Bank (Delaware)
     First Presbyterian Church
     First Spiritualist Church
     Fisher, Eddie
     Fiske, George C.
     Fitzsimons Memorial Fountain
     Flambeau Club
     Flamingo Casino
     Flavel B. Tiffany Residence
     Fletcher, Thomas C.
     Floral Hills Cemetery
     Florence Crittenton Home
     Flower and Garden Show
     Flower Parade
     Floyd, Charles (Pretty Boy)
     Floyd, Winston
     Floyd, Witcliff
     Flying LaVans
     Folly Theater
     Food Fair
     Football Teams
     Ford Motor Company
     Ford, Bob
     Foreman and Clark
     Forepaugh's Globe Tableau Circus
     Forest Avenue
     Forest Hill Cemetery
     Forrest Residence
     Forrester-Nace Box Company
     Fort Leavenworth
     Fort Osage
     Fort Union
     Foster Lumber Company
     Foster Residence
     Foster, Benjamin B.
     Foster, John J.
     Foster, John M.
     Fountain Apartments
     Fountain Place Apartments
     Fowler and Clark's Circus
     Fowler Brother Ice House
     Fox Hunting
     Frances E. Cassell Residence
     Frank S. Land Memorial
     Franklin Hogue Building
     Franklin Street
     Fraternal Order of Eagles
     Fraternal Organizations
     Fred Harvey Restaurant
     Freight House District
     Fremont, Jessie B.
     Frink, Daniel A.
     Fristoe, Richard M.
     Fry Funeral Home
     Funeral Homes
     Furniture Show and Exhibition
     Future Farmers of America


     Gable, Francis
     Gage, John B.
     Gallagher, John A.
     Gallatin Apartments
     Gallitean Apartments
     Gambrel, Harry
     Garden Theater
     Garfield Avenue
     Garfield School
     Garland Apartments
     Garment (Wholesale) Historic District
     Garment District
     Garment District Fountain
     Garment Industry
     Garno House
     Garrison Branch Library
     Gas Service Company
     Gasoline Stations
     Gate City National Bank
     Gates, Ollie Walter, Sr.
     Gateway Chemical Company
     Gavin, Thomas J.
     Gayety Theater
     Gaylord Residence
     Gem Theater
     General Bar
     General Hospital
     General Hospital Number 2
     General Mills
     General Motors
     General Motors Training Center
     Genesee Street
     George B. Peck Dry Goods Company
     George Family
     George Knerr Saloon
     George Washington Carver School
     George Washington Statue
     George, Todd
     Georgian Court Apartments
     Gerner Cessna Motor Company
     Gerson, Colonel
     Gibraltar Building
     Gibson, James T.
     Gilham Residence
     Gill, Turner A.
     Gillham Park
     Gillham Road
     Gillham, Robert
     Gillis House
     Gillis Opera House
     Gilpin, William
     Gingery, L. F.
     Giokaris Building
     Gipsey Steamboat
     Giralda Tower
     Girl's Club
     Girls Hotel
     Gladstone Boulevard
     Glasgow, Missouri
     Gleed Terrace
     Glenn Books, Inc.
     Glenn, Charles
     Glenn, Frank
     Globe Storage and Transfer Company
     Glory Bound Travelers
     Goetz Brewery
     Goforth Residence
     Goldman, George L.
     Goodenow Textile Company
     Goodman, Frank
     Goodyear Blimp
     Goodyear Tires Building
     Gorman, Anita
     Gossett Family
     Gotham Apartments
     Gould Hotel
     Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
     Graf Zeppelin
     Grain Elevators
     Granada Royale Hotel
     Grand Avenue
     Grand Avenue Bank
     Grand Avenue Methodist Church
     Grand Avenue Office Building
     Grand Avenue Station
     Grand Avenue Temple
     Grand Avenue Transfer Company
     Grand Avenue--19th Century
     Grand Central Station
     Grand Hotel
     Grand Junction Hotel
     Grand Opera House
     Grand Republic Steamboat
     Grand Slam Liquor Store
     Grandview, Missouri
     Granite Building
     Grant Hall
     Grant Residence
     Grant, Ulysses S.
     Grant's Department Store
     Grave Markers
     Gray, Bee Ho
     Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P Store)
     Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
     Greek Orthodox Churches
     Greenough, Alice
     Greenwood, James M.
     Gregory Boulevard
     Grennan Bakery
     Grialda Tower
     Griffin, George M.
     Griffith Residence
     Griffith, Dick
     Grimes Building
     Grinter Residence
     Grocery Stores
     Grove Park
     Guadalupe Center
     Guardian Angel Catholic Church
     Guardian Angels
     Guerrilla Warfare
     Guinotte Residence
     Gumbel Building
     Gustin-Bacon Manufacturing Company
     H. Ganz Men and Boys' Clothing
     H. J. Heinz Company
     H. Roe Bartle Statue
     H.B. Fuller Company
     H&R Block
     Ha Ha Tonka State Park
     Hagen Brothers Circus
     Haggerman Residence
     Hale House for the Blind
     Hale, George C.
     Hale, George C., Mrs.
     Hall Brothers Building
     Hall Building
     Hall Residence
     Hall, Joyce C.
     Halleran, Claude
     Hallmark Cards
     Halls on the Plaza
     Halsell Residence
     Hammerslough Brothers Dry Goods
     Hannah Bistro Cafe
     Hannibal and Saint Joseph Railroad
     Hannibal Bridge
     Hannibal Bridge (second)
     Hannibal, Missouri
     Hanover Building
     Happy Day Club
     Hardesty Avenue
     Hardware Companies
     Hardware Stores
     Hare and Hare
     Harkness, Lamon V.
     Harlem Nite Club
     Harlem, Missouri
     Harlow, Jean
     Harmon, Albert J.
     Harmon, John C.
     Harmony Lunch
     Harrah's North Kansas City Casino and Hotel
     Harris Home
     Harris House Hotel
     Harris, Henrietta
     Harris, John
     Harris, Nellie McCoy
     Harrison Boulevard
     Harrison Parkway
     Harry S. Truman Farmhouse
     Harry S. Truman Library and Museum
     Harry S. Truman Memorial
     Harry S. Truman Residence
     Harry T. Fowler Residence
     Haskell Family
     Haskell Residence
     Haskell, Henry J.
     Hawthorne Apartments
     Hayes Residence
     Hayes, Upton
     Hays, Upton
     Health Conservation Association
     Healy, Ed
     Heart of America Bridge
     Heim Brewery
     Heim Residence
     Heim, Ferd
     Heim, Mrs. Ferd
     Helmers Manufacturing Company
     Helmsing, Charles H.
     Helping Hand Institute
     Henderson Residence
     Hendrickson Residence
     Hendrix, Eugene R.
     Henneford, Poodles
     Hennings, Thomas C.
     Henny Buggy Company
     Henoon, Jimmie
     Herbert, Dorothy
     Hereford House
     Hermann Park
     Hettinger Brothers Publishers
     Hevey Residence
     Hewson Building
     Hey-Hay Club
     Hiatt Apartments
     Hickory Street
     High Schools
     Highland Cemetery
     Hiker Statue
     Hildebrand, Jennie
     Hildruth Residence
     Hill, John U.
     Hinkle, Alice
     Hinkle, Milt
     Hislop, Edward
     Hispanic Americans
     Hochstetler, Charles E.
     Hoff, Clarence
     Hoffman Apartments
     Holland House Hotel
     Holland, Louis E. (Lou)
     Holland's Shoe and Clothing House
     Holly Street
     Holmes Family
     Holmes Residence
     Holmes Square Park
     Holmes Street
     Holmes, Nehemiah
     Holy Cross Catholic Church
     Holy Rosary Catholic Church
     Holy Rosary School
     Holy Trinity Catholic Church
     Holzmark Residence
     Home For the Aged
     Hope Lutheran Church
     Hope, Clifford
     Horner Institute of Fine Arts
     Horse Racing
     Horse Trough Fountain
     Hospital Hill
     Hotel Muehlebach
     Hotel President
     Howe's Globe Tableau
     Howell Residence
     Hoxey, Jack
     Huckaby, Fox
     Hucker Residence
     Hudson Oil Company
     Hugh C. Ferrel Drugstore
     Hugh L. McElroy Residence
     Hughes, Robert
     Humboldt Avenue
     Hunt Residence
     Hunt, Robert H.
     Huntzinger Building
     Hurd Family
     Hurd, Bertha
     Hurd, Herbert
     Hurd, Nellie
     Huron Building
     Huron Cemetery
     Huron Park
     Hurst's Jewelry and Loan Company
     Hutchinson, William
     Hutter, Jack A.
     Hyatt Regency Hotel
     Hyde Apartments
     Hyde Park
     Hyde Park Residential District
     Hyde Residence
     Ilus W. Davis Park
     Immaculate Conception Church
     Immanuel Lutheran Church, ELCA
     Independence Avenue
     Independence Avenue Methodist Church
     Independence Boulevard
     Independence Boulevard Christian Church
     Independence Jail
     Independence Plaza Apartments
     Independence Sanitarium
     Independence, Missouri
     Independent Laundry Company
     Indian Creek
     Indian Hills Country Club
     Indian Missions
     Indian Village
     Indiana Avenue
     Industrial Districts
     Industrial Scenes
     Inez Hotel
     Ingino, Michael A.
     Inglenook Apartments
     Institutional Methodist Church
     Intercity Viaduct
     Interdenominational Home
     Interior Scenes
     International Building
     Irvin Family
     Irving-Pitt Manufacturing Company
     Irwin Brothers Wild West Show
     Isis Theater
     Israel Transfer Company
     Italian Fiesta
     Italian Gardens Restaurant
     Ivanhoe Masonic Temple
     Ivanhoe School


     J. A. Mott Optical Company
     J. Barsen Residence
     J. C. Nichols Memorial Fountain
     J. C. Nichols Parkway
     J. F. Schmelzer and Sons
     J. R. McLaughlin Farm Machinery Hall
     J. Taylor's Circus and Menagerie
     Jaccard's Jewelry Store
     Jackson Avenue
     Jackson County Courthouse - Independence
     Jackson County Courthouse--Kansas City (First)
     Jackson County Courthouse--Kansas City (Second)
     Jackson County Courthouse--Kansas City (Third)
     Jackson Family
     Jackson Residence
     Jackson, Claiborne F.
     Jacob Dold Packing Company
     Jacob Loose Residence
     Jacobs, Dolly
     Jacobs, Lou
     James Davenport Residence
     James Family
     James H. McGee Residence
     James Russell Lowell Apartments
     James School
     James Street
     James, Frank
     James, Jesse
     James, Jesse, Jr.
     James, Thomas M.
     Janssen Place Residential District
     Jarboe Street
     Jarvis, Samuel M.
     Jauden, Ben
     Jazz Fest
     Jazz Musicians
     Jefferson Home
     Jefferson Street
     Jenkins Music Company
     Jenkins Music Company Building
     Jenkins, John W.
     Jennie's Italian Restaurant
     Jesse B. Fremont Residence
     Jewell, Lewis R.
     Jewish Community Center
     Jewish Institute Branch Library
     Jim Pendergast Statue
     John Barber White Residence
     John Deere Company
     John F. Kennedy Memorial
     John Lang Saloon
     John Long Residence
     John Rentz
     John Roe Residence
     John Taylor Dry Goods Company
     John Taylor Dry Goods Company Building
     John W. Merrill Residence
     John White Residence
     Johnson County, Kansas
     Johnson Drive
     Johnson Residence
     Johnson, Ed
     Johnson, Elizabeth
     Johnson, Osa
     Johnson, Thomas
     Jones Dry Goods Company
     Jones Store Company
     Jones, James M.
     Joplin, Missouri
     Joslin, Roy
     Judah, David
     Junction, The
     Junior Achievement
     Junior College of Kansas City
     Junior League
     Justrite Rubber Stamp & Seal Company
     Kansas City Admirer's Association
     Kansas City Agency
     Kansas City Airway
     Kansas City and Independence Electric Power Plant
     Kansas City and Westport Line
     Kansas City Art Institute
     Kansas City Athenaeum
     Kansas City Athletic Club
     Kansas City Athletics
     Kansas City Aviation Department
     Kansas City Bar Association
     Kansas City Baseball Club
     Kansas City Bicycle Club
     Kansas City Bicycle Company
     Kansas City Boat Club
     Kansas City Bolt and Nut Company
     Kansas City Business College
     Kansas City Centennial
     Kansas City Chiefs
     Kansas City Club Building
     Kansas City Country Club
     Kansas City County Jail
     Kansas City Cut Stone Company
     Kansas City Cyclists Club
     Kansas City Driving Park
     Kansas City Fine Stock Pavillion
     Kansas City Fire Brigade Museum
     Kansas City Flower Show
     Kansas City Flying Service
     Kansas City Food Fair
     Kansas City Gas, Light, and Coke Company
     Kansas City Journal
     Kansas City Journal-Post
     Kansas City Junior College
     Kansas City Life Insurance Company
     Kansas City Monarchs
     Kansas City Museum
     Kansas City North, Missouri
     Kansas City Paper House
     Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra
     Kansas City Post
     Kansas City Power and Light Building
     Kansas City Power and Light Company
     Kansas City Preserving and Manufacturing Company
     Kansas City Public Library
     Kansas City Public Service Company Building
     Kansas City Quartermaster Depot
     Kansas City Railways Company
     Kansas City Real Estate Board
     Kansas City Retail Grocers' Food Show
     Kansas City Savings Association Bank
     Kansas City School Board
     Kansas City School District
     Kansas City Show Case Works
     Kansas City Southern Railway
     Kansas City Star Building
     Kansas City Structural Steel Company
     Kansas City Symphony
     Kansas City Times
     Kansas City View Company
     Kansas City Water Works
     Kansas City White Lead and Linseed Oil Company
     Kansas City Zoo
     Kansas City, Clay County, and Saint Joseph Railway
     Kansas City, Galveston and Lake Superior Railroad
     Kansas City, Kansas
     Kansas City, Kansas High School
     Kansas City, Kansas, Public Library
     Kansas City, Kansas, Public School District
     Kansas City, Kaw Valley and Western Line
     Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka Railway
     Kansas City, Memphis and Fort Scott Railroad
     Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway
     Kansas City, Missouri
     Kansas City, Missouri--Description--1940s
     Kansas City, Missouri--Skyline Views--1920-1940
     Kansas City, Missouri-Description-1940s
     Kansas City, North
     Kansas City's Promise
     Kansas Institute for the Blind
     Kansas River
     Kansas-Missouri Theatre Association
     Karges and Cartwright Dry Goods Company
     Karnes Boulevard
     Karnes Branch Library
     Karnes School
     Karnopp Building
     Katz Drugstore
     Kauffman Foundation
     Kauffman Legacy Park
     Kauffman Memorial Garden
     Kauffman Residence
     Kauffman Stadium
     Kearney Residence
     Kearney, Charles E.
     Kearney, James
     Kearney, James, Mrs.
     Kearney, Missouri
     Keel Boats
     Keeley Institute
     Keith and Perry Building
     Keith Residence
     Kellerstrass Airport
     Kellogg, Clara E.
     Kelly Brothers Circus
     Kelly, Arthur J.
     Kelly, Emmett
     Kelly, W. A.
     Kelly's Bar
     Kelly's Westport Inn
     Kemp, William E.
     Kemper Arena
     Kemper, R. Crosby, Sr.
     Kendell Residence
     Keneseth Israel-Beth Sholom Synagogue
     Kenny, Mary Sturges
     Kensington Branch Library
     Kensington School
     Kersey Coates Drive
     Kessler Park
     Kessler, George E.
     Keystone Building
     Keystone Iron Works Company
     Keystone Trailer & Equipment Company
     Kimberlin Residence
     King Joy Lo Restaurant
     King Kong Nightclub
     King, Arthur J.
     Kirk Residence
     Kivett, Clarence
     Kiwanis Club
     Klaber, Fred W.
     Klauser, Herta
     Klausner, Tiberius
     KMBC Radio
     Knickerbocker Apartments
     Knife Sharpener
     Knights of Columbus
     Knights of Pythias
     Know Your City
     Koch Cooler
     Krokstom Pharmacy
     Krueger, Karl
     Kruger, Kuni
     Kumpf School
     Kurth, Efrem
     La Mediterranee
     La Posada Restaurant
     LaBodega Restaurant
     Lacy, John A.
     Ladd Residence
     Ladd School USE Sanford B. Ladd School
     LaFama Bakery
     Laird Drug Company
     Lake Lotawana
     Lake of the Ozarks
     Lake of the Woods
     Lake Quivira
     Lakeside Hospital
     Lakewood Greenway
     LaMar's Donuts
     Land Bank
     Lane, James H. (Jim)
     Lane, James L.
     Lang, Martin
     Lanter, Frank R.
     LaPearl, Jack
     Larabee Milling Company
     LaSalle Building
     LaSalle Hotel
     Lathrop Building
     Laugh-O-Gram Films Studio
     Law Building
     Law Firms
     Lee, Tex
     Lee's Summit, Missouri
     Leeds Tuberculosis Hospital
     Leedy Voulkos Gallery
     Lemp Brewery
     Leonard Brothers Circus
     Leonard, Royal
     Letcher, William H.
     Lewis and Clark Expedition
     Lewis and Clark Point
     Lewis and Clark Viaduct
     Lewis, J. V.
     Lewis, Meriwether
     Lexington, Missouri
     Liberty Bell
     Liberty Memorial
     Liberty National Bank
     Liberty Street
     Liberty Theater
     Liberty, Missouri
     Library Staff
     Lidia's Restaurant
     Liggett's Drug Store
     Lincoln Branch Library
     Lincoln Cemetery
     Lincoln High School
     Linda Hall Library
     Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
     Lindbergh, Charles A.
     Lindewood Apartments
     Linwood Boulevard
     Linwood Methodist Church
     Linwood Multi-Purpose Center
     Linwood Presbyterian Church
     Liquor Control Department
     Lisa, Manuel
     Lisa, Mary Hemptead
     Little Sisters of the Poor
     Little Theater
     Litton, Jerry
     Livermore, Mary A.
     Livestock Exchange Building
     Livestock Pens
     Living Fountain
     Locarno Apartments
     Locust Street
     Logan Residence
     Lombard, James L.
     Long, Francis R.
     Long, Robert A.
     Longfellow School
     Longview Farm
     Loose Memorial Flagpole
     Loose Park
     Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company
     Loose, Ella C.
     Loose, Jacob L.
     Loretto Academy
     Louis Curtiss Studio
     Louis George Branch Library
     Lucas, Charles D.
     Lucerne Hotel
     Lucile H. Bluford Branch Library
     Ludlow, Rose W.
     Lumber Industry
     Lutheran Churches
     Luzier, Incorporated
     Lyceum Building
     Lydia Avenue
     Lykins School
     Lykins, Johnston
     Lykins, Johnston McCoy, Jr.
     Lyndhurst Hotel
     Lyric Theatre


     Mack Nelson Residence
     MacMorris, Daniel
     Macy's Building
     Macy's Store
     Mademoiselle Babin
     Mademoiselle Zenobia
     Madison Avenue
     Maguire, Julia F.
     Mahoney, Michael
     Mail Carriers
     Main Branch Library--12th Street
     Main Branch Library--9th Street
     Main Event Statue
     Main Street
     Main Street Sewer
     Main Street--19th Century
     Mainstreet Theater
     Majors, Alexander
     Manhattan Building
     Manheim Road
     Manley Popcorn
     Mann, Conrad H.
     Manual High School
     March for Jesus
     Marching Bands
     Margaret K. Armour Memorial Home
     Marietta Brothers Circus
     Mark Twain Apartments
     Market Building
     Marmaduke, John S.
     Marriott Hotel
     Marsh Oil Company
     Marsh Residence
     Marshall, Walter P.
     Marshall's Auto Stores
     Martin City, Missouri
     Martin, Edward L.
     Masonic Building
     Masonic Orders
     Masonic Organizations
     Masonic Temples
     Massasoit Statue
     Maxwell Motor Sales Company
     May Street
     May, Stern and Company
     McCarty, Ed
     McCauley, Paul
     McCoy School
     McCoy, John C.
     McCoy, Joseph G.
     McCoy, Tim
     McCreary, Howard Nuckols, Mrs.
     McCune, Henry L.
     McDonald Plate Glass Company
     McDonald's Furniture
     McDowell Tire Company
     McElroy, Emmet
     McElroy, Henry F.
     McElroy, Hugh L.
     McGee Family
     McGee Hotel
     McGee Street
     McGee, Allen B. H.
     McGee, E. Milton
     McGee, Eleanor
     McGee, James H.
     McGee, Mobillion W.
     McKinley, Reed
     McLean and McAnany Building
     McLeod, William D.
     McLucas, Walter S.
     McPherson, Aimee Semple
     McSweeny's Trade School
     McWilliams, Oliver C.
     Meat Packing Companies
     Mechanics Bank
     Medical Arts Building
     Medical Personnel
     Medico-Chirurgical College
     Mehl, Ernie
     Melrose Baptist Church
     Melrose Methodist Church
     Men and Women
     Menorah Medical Center
     Mercer Hotel
     Merchandise Mart
     Merchants Bank
     Merchants Fair
     Merchants Festival
     Meriwether and Son
     Meriwether, David
     Merriam, Kansas
     Mersington Avenue
     Methodist Bookstore
     Methodist Churches
     Methodist Episcopal Church
     Methodist Indian Mission
     Mexican Christian Mission
     Meyer Boulevard
     Meyer Circle
     Meyer Circle Fountain
     Meyer, August R.
     Micheler Residence
     Mid-Continent International Airport
     Midland Building
     Midland Exchange Building
     Midland Hotel
     Midland Theater
     Midwest Defense Show
     Midwest Envelope Company
     Midwest Hotel
     Midwest Motor Company
     Midwest Research Institute
     Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
     Milburn Golf and Country Club
     Military Parade
     Mill Creek Park
     Mill Creek Parkway
     Miller Residence
     Miller, Alfred J.
     Miller, Alfred Jacob
     Miller, Art
     Miller, Barbara A. Coe
     Miller, Benedick
     Miller, Bettye W.
     Miller, Bettyejo
     Miller, Charles A.
     Miller, Clell
     Miller, D. F.
     Miller, D. Madison
     Miller, David
     Miller, E. Lee
     Miller, E. Lee, Mrs.
     Miller, Edward
     Miller, Erin
     Miller, G. W.
     Miller, George
     Miller, George D. B.
     Miller, George J.
     Miller, H. H.
     Miller, Harry G.
     Miller, Harry S.
     Miller, Henry G., Sr.
     Miller, Henry, Mrs.
     Miller, Howard
     Miller, J. W.
     Miller, Jeptha S.
     Miller, John
     Miller, John G.
     Miller, John J.
     Miller, John N.
     Miller, John P.
     Miller, Katie S.
     Miller, L. M.
     Miller, Leon
     Miller, Les
     Miller, Loren B.
     Miller, Marion H.
     Miller, Mark
     Miller, Mary A.
     Miller, Peter M.
     Miller, Phil
     Miller, Rebecca
     Miller, Richard Lawrence
     Miller, Robert H.
     Miller, Roger S.
     Miller, Samuel C.
     Miller, Shannon
     Miller, Sirpora
     Miller, Turner J.
     Miller, Vern
     Miller, W. H.
     Miller, William A.
     Miller, William H.
     Miller, William M.
     Miller's Woods
     Millett, George Van
     Mills Brothers Circus
     Milner Hotel
     Milo E. Lawrence Residence
     Milton E. McGee Residence
     Minnesota Avenue
     Mission Hills Country Club
     Mission Hills, Kansas
     Mission Road
     Mission Shopping Center
     Mission, Kansas
     Mississippi (Battleship)
     Mississippi River
     Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company
     Missouri Avenue
     Missouri Bank and Trust Company
     Missouri Casket Company
     Missouri Library Association
     Missouri Maps
     Missouri Pacific Railroad
     Missouri Paper House
     Missouri River
     Missouri River Queen
     Missouri State Capitol
     Missouri State Highway Patrol
     Missouri Valley Historical Society
     Missouri Valley Room
     Missouri-Kansas-Pennsylvania Railway
     Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad
     Mix, Joe
     Modern Tire Company
     Modern Woodmen of America
     Moler Barber College
     Monarch Storage Company
     Monroe Hotel
     Montgomery Foto Service
     Montgomery Ward
     Montgomery Ward Building
     Montgomery, Brookings
     Montgomery, Jane
     Moore, Annette
     Moore, Augustus
     Moore, Bill
     Moore, Charles H.
     Moore, Chuck
     Moore, Cyrus C.
     Moore, Daniel
     Moore, David
     Moore, Dayton
     Moore, Frank H.
     Moore, Friley W.
     Moore, G. G.
     Moore, George G.
     Moore, George T.
     Moore, H. B.
     Moore, H. G.
     Moore, H. Miles
     Moore, Henry
     Moore, Henry M.
     Moore, Hunt C.
     Moore, J. Harvey
     Moore, J. W.
     Moore, John W.
     Moore, W. G.
     Moore's Southland Addition
     Moose Club
     Moran, Tim
     Morris and Company
     Morris, Ray
     Morrison Motors
     Morse Residence
     Morse, Charles F.
     Moses Grinter Residence (Grinter Place)
     Motion Picture Theaters
     Motion Pictures
     Muehlebach Brewery
     Muehlebach Field
     Muehlebach Hotel
     Muehlebach Towers
     Mulberry Street
     Munford Court Apartments
     Municipal Airport
     Municipal Auditorium
     Municipal Stadium
     Municipal Wharf
     Murray Davis Memorial
     Muse of the Missouri Fountain
     Music Hall
     Music Stores
     Musical Groups
     Musical Instruments
     Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company Building
     Mutual Building
     Mutual Musicians Foundation Building
     Nall Residence
     Naples Apartments
     Nashville Steamboat
     Nathan Scarritt Residence
     National Association of Retail Grocers
     National Bank of the Republic
     National Bellas Hess Company, Incorporated
     National Benevolent Society
     National Biscuit Company
     National Cloak and Suit Company
     National Fidelity Life Insurance Company Building
     National Frontier Trails Center Museum
     National Garage Building
     National Guard
     National Paper Box Company
     National Wholesale Hardware Company
     Native Americans
     Natural Gas Companies
     Naumann, Hans
     Navajo Building
     Navy Mothers Club of America
     Neff, Jay H.
     Negro Leagues
     Nelson Building
     Nelson School
     Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
     Nelson, Bill
     Nelson, Charles C.
     Nelson, David
     Nelson, Edward F.
     Nelson, Frank
     Nelson, George (Baby Face)
     Nelson, Ida H.
     Nelson, James M.
     Nelson, Karen
     Nelson, Laura
     Nelson, Lewis C.
     Nelson, Louis F.
     Nelson, Mack B.
     Nelson, Mrs. Nelle McGee
     Nelson, Nadine
     Nelson, Nelson O.
     Nelson, Oscar D.
     Nelson, Paul A.
     Nelson, Robert J.
     Nelson, Vivian
     Nelson, William L.
     Nelson, William Rockhill
     Neptune Fountain
     Netherlands Apartments
     Nettleton Home
     New Albany Hotel
     New Center Building
     New Center Theater
     New Central Pharmacy
     New England Building
     New England National Bank
     New England Safe Deposit and Trust Company
     New Mexico
     New Orleans, Louisiana
     New York Apartments
     New York Life Building
     Newbern Apartments
     Nichols Road
     Nichols, Jesse Clyde (J.C.)
     Nichols, Miller
     Nicholson Avenue
     Niglas, John N.
     Nigro, D. M.
     Ninth Spiritualist Church
     Noel, Missouri
     Nonquitt Building
     Nordberg, Ben
     Norman School
     Normandy Hotel
     North Kansas City Hospital
     North Kansas City, Missouri
     North Terrace Lake
     North Terrace Park
     North-East Branch Library
     Northeast Branch Library
     Northeast High School
     Northeast Junior High School
     Northrup, Hiram M.
     Notre Dame de Sion
     Number One Engine House
     O. K. Creek
     Oak Grove, Missouri
     Oak Hall
     Oak Hotel
     Oak Street
     Observation Park
     Observation Park Fountain
     Odd Fellows Home of Missouri
     Old Christian Church
     Old Flintlock
     Old Mission Country Club
     Old Museum Building
     Old Plantation Restaurant
     Old Republic Title Company
     Old Theatre Architectural Salvage Company
     Oldham Hotel
     Olive Street
     Oliver, Irl T.
     Olson Auto Supply Company
     Olympic Stadium Midget Auto Racetrack
     One Fountain View Statue
     One Kansas City Place
     Ong, William A.
     Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park
     Orchestra Promenade
     Order Number 11
     Order of Hoo Hoo
     Orear-Leslie Building
     Orpheum Theater (9th Street)
     Orpheum Theater (Baltimore Avenue)
     Osage Beach, Missouri
     Osawatomie, Kansas
     Osco Drug
     Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church
     Oviatt Shoe Co.
     Owens Agnew Motor Company
     Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation
     Owl Drugstore
     Ozark Mountains
     Ozark National Bank
     Ozark National Life Insurance Company


     P. Setzler Wine Garden
     P. T. Barnum Circus
     Pacific House Hotel
     Packard Motor Car Company
     Painted Lady
     Palace Clothing Company Building
     Palace Drugstore
     Palace Theater
     Palmer Hotel
     Pan Fountain
     Pantages Theater
     Papa's Place
     Parade Park
     Parallel-Jackson Line
     Paramount Theater
     Park Avenue
     Park College
     Park Hotel
     Park Lane Apartments
     Park Manor Apartments
     Parker, Charlie
     Parks and Recreation Department
     Parkview Drugstore
     Parkville, Missouri
     Parlin and Orendorff Company
     Parmer, Martin
     Parson Residence
     Paseo Boulevard
     Paseo Branch Library
     Paseo Bridge
     Paseo Fountain
     Paseo High School
     Passenger Shelter
     Patria Apartments
     Patten, Thomas J.
     Paul Greenlease Cadillac
     Payne Motor Company
     Payne, Milton J.
     Peacock Hotel
     Pecks Dry Goods Store Building
     Peet Brothers Manufacturing Company
     Pendergast Headquarters
     Pendergast, Tom
     Pendleton Avenue
     Pendleton Residence
     Penguin Park
     Penn School
     Penn Tower Office Center
     Penn Valley Community College
     Penn Valley Hospital
     Penn Valley Park
     Pennock Building
     Pennsylvania Avenue
     Pennway Street
     People to People
     Pergola (Paseo)
     Perry Mill
     Pershing Road
     Pershing, John J.
     Peters, Nelle E.
     Peterson, Lorena Trickey
     Peterson, Pete
     Petticoat Lane
     Phil Sol Funeral Home
     Phil Sol Residence
     Philips, John F.
     Phillips Hotel
     Phillips, John R.
     Photographic and View Company
     Pickering Family
     Pickering Lumber Company
     Pickering, James H.
     Pickwick Hotel
     Pierce Street
     Pierce, Harry H.
     Pike, Albert
     Pike, Joshua A.
     Pike, Lawrence D.
     Pike's Peak, Colorado
     Pike's Southwestern Expedition
     Pioneer Community College
     Pioneer Mother Statue
     Pitney-Bowes, Incorporated
     Pittsburg, Kansas
     Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
     Pizza Hut
     Pla-Mor Ballroom
     Planters Seed Company
     Plates (Tableware)
     Plaza Art Fair
     Plaza Branch Library
     Plaza Hotel
     Plaza Medical Building
     Plaza Theater
     Plaza Time Building
     Poet Apartment Buildings
     Poindexter Building
     Polack Brothers Circus
     Police Cars
     Police Chiefs
     Police Department
     Police Department Employees
     Police Department Headquarters
     Police Detectives
     Police Memorial
     Police Officers
     Police Stations
     Polyclinic Hospital and Health Center
     Ponce De Leon Apartments
     Ponce De Leon Hotel
     Pony Express
     Pool Halls
     Pope Toledo Motor Car Company
     Porter Building
     Post Office
     Post Office--Pershing Road
     Potter, Oscar Fitzland, Dr.
     Pourtsmouth Building
     Power and Light District
     Power Plants
     Practical Finance Company, Limited
     Prairie Village Shopping Center
     Prairie Village, Kansas
     Prather Springs
     Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Corporation
     Presbyterian Churches
     Presidential Parade
     Prest Hardware and Furnace Company Building
     Price, Sterling
     Priests of Pallas Parade
     Proctor and Gamble
     Professional Building
     Progress Club Building
     Prospect Avenue
     Prospect Line
     Providence Hospital
     Pruden Residence
     Prudential Insurance Company
     Public Health
     Public Schools
     Public Square
     Public Transportation
     Public Works Department
     Punton Sanitarium
     Puritan Compressed Gas Corporation
     Puritan Hotel
     Quaker Oats Company
     Quality Hill Apartments
     Quality Hill Residential District
     Quantrill, William C.
     Queen of the World Hospital
     Quindaro, Kansas
     Quinlan Apartments
     Quinlan Flats
     R. A. Long Building
     R. A. Long Residence
     R. T. Coles Vocational and Junior High School
     Radcliff Motor Company
     Radio Council of Greater Kansas City
     Radio Performances
     Radio Stations
     Radio Towers
     Ragan, George E.
     Ragen Residence
     Ragen, Masie Jones
     Rahe's Auto and Tractor School
     Railroad Cars
     Railroad Employees
     Railroad Engines
     Railroad Stations
     Railroad Yards
     Railway Exchange Building
     Ralph Sanitarium
     Ramos, John F., Jr.
     Rand, Sally
     Randall, William
     Raphael Hotel
     Rat Castle Apartments
     Red & Dutch Nightclub
     Red Cross
     Redemption Fathers Seminary
     Redemptorist Catholic Church
     Reed Residence
     Reed, Albert C.
     Reed, Bob
     Reed, Franklin E.
     Reed, G. Findlay
     Reed, G. I.
     Reed, Geff
     Reed, Homer
     Reed, James A.
     Reed, John A., Mrs.
     Reed, Lathrop B., Jr.
     Reed, Lavoy (Zaki)
     Reed, Lear B.
     Reed, Lura O.
     Reed's European Circus Band
     Reed's Station, Missouri
     Regent Theater
     Reicher and Son
     Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company
     Reliance Building
     Religious Gatherings
     Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
     Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Auditorium
     Republic Bank
     Republican Conventions
     Research Hospital
     Research Medical Center
     Residential Districts
     Rialto Building
     Rice-Tremonti Home
     Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park
     Richard Bolling Federal Building
     Richard L. Sutton Jr. Residence
     Richards Field
     Richards Gebaur Airport
     Richards Road
     Richardson, Hayes A.
     Richmond, Missouri
     Rickard, Henry
     Ridenour-Baker Grocery Company
     Ridge Arcade
     Ridge Building
     Ridge Residence
     Ridge, Isaac M.
     Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus
     Ringling Brothers Circus
     Ringling, John
     Riss Building
     Ritz Theater
     River Club
     River Quay
     Riverfront Area
     Riverside Race Track
     Roach, Ruth
     Road Work
     Roanoke Park
     Roanoke Presbyterian Church
     Robert Browning Apartments
     Robert E. Lee Hotel
     Robert Keith Furniture Company
     Robert L. Sweet Memorial Arboretum
     Robert Louis Stevenson Apartments
     Robert T. Van Horn Residence
     Robinson, Alexander M.
     Robinson, Ben
     Robinson, Charles L.
     Robinson, Dave
     Robinson, David W.
     Robinson, Edward
     Robinson, Elijah
     Robinson, Ella V.
     Robinson, F. B.
     Robinson, F. G.
     Robinson, G. Wilse
     Robinson, Hamline E.
     Robinson, J. A.
     Robinson, J. J.
     Robinson, J. L.
     Robinson, J. M.
     Robinson, Jack
     Robinson, Jackie
     Robinson, James I.
     Robinson, Jeanne
     Robinson, John A.
     Robinson, John B.
     Robinson, John Hamilton
     Robinson, John M.
     Robinson, John R.
     Robinson, Joseph F.
     Robinson, Joseph H., Mrs.
     Robinson, Joseph M.
     Robinson, Louise I.
     Robinson, Maud
     Robinson, Melissa
     Robinson, Mildred
     Robinson, Omar E.
     Robinson's Shoe Store
     Roche, George J.
     Rockhill Road
     Rockhurst University
     Rogers, Roy
     Roland E. Bruner Residence
     Rollins School
     Romany Road
     Ronald McDonald House
     Rooftop Views
     Roosevelt Hotel
     Roosevelt, James (Jimmy)
     Roosevelt, Theodore
     Rose Gardens
     Rosedale, Kansas
     Roselawn Burial Park
     Rothschild and Sons
     Royal Society
     Royals Stadium
     Royster, William R.
     RT's Deli
     Rudy Fick Ford
     Rudy Patrick Seed Company
     Rule Residence
     Rule, William A.
     Rural Scenes
     Ruskin Heights
     Ruskin Heights Presbyterian Church
     Russel, Edgar
     Russell Stover Candies
     Russell, John


     S. H. Knox and Company
     Sacred Heart Catholic Church
     Saddle and Sirloin Club
     Safeway Stores, Incorporated
     Sager Tin Shop and Furnaces
     Saint Anthony Catholic Church
     Saint Anthony Hospital
     Saint Anthony's Church
     Saint Francis Regis Rectory
     Saint Francis Seraph Catholic Church
     Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church
     Saint George Hotel
     Saint James Hotel
     Saint John Avenue
     Saint John's Catholic Seminary
     Saint Joseph Hospital
     Saint Joseph, Missouri
     Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
     Saint Joseph's Hospital Chapel (Quality Hill)
     Saint Joseph's Orphan Home
     Saint Louis and San Francisco Railway
     Saint Louis Avenue
     Saint Louis Catholic Church
     Saint Louis, Missouri
     Saint Luke's Hospital
     Saint Margaret's Hospital
     Saint Mary's Episcopal Church
     Saint Mary's Hospital
     Saint Mary's Hospital Nurses Home
     Saint Michael's Catholic Church
     Saint Monica's Social Ministry
     Saint Patrick's Catholic Church
     Saint Patrick's Day Parade
     Saint Paul's Episcopal Day School
     Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church
     Saint Regis Apartments
     Saint Regis Hotel
     Saint Stanislaus Catholic Church
     Saint Teresa's Academy
     Saint Thomas More Catholic Church
     Saint Vincent's Academy
     Saint Vincent's Hospital
     Salvation Army
     Sam's Town
     San Dora Hotel
     San Francisco Tower
     Sand Sculptor
     Sanders, Gertrude
     Sanders, Joe
     Sandy's Oak Ridge Manor
     Sanford B. Ladd School
     Sanford M. Brown Memorial
     Sanitary Bakery
     Santa Fe Bridge
     Santa Fe Freight Depot
     Santa Fe Railroad
     Santa Fe Trail
     Santa Fe Trail Memorial
     Saunders, Daniel G.
     Savoy Grill Restaurant
     Savoy Hotel
     Scarritt and Peery Subdivision
     Scarritt Apartments
     Scarritt Bible and Training School
     Scarritt Building and Arcade
     Scarritt Point
     Scarritt School
     Scarritt, Nathan
     Scarritt, William C.
     Schibsby, Frank
     Schilling Grain Company
     Schlitz Brewing Company
     Schmeltz, Mike
     Schmelzer Arms Baseball Club
     Scholey Residence
     Schutte Lumber Company
     Schuyler Hotel
     Schwarzschild and Sulzberger Packing Company
     Schwieger, Hans
     Science City
     Scott, Hugh L.
     Scott, LeRoy (Scotty)
     Scottish Rite Temple
     Scout Statue
     Sea Horse Fountain
     Sealock, Richard B.
     Sears, Roebuck and Company
     Seburn, Thomas J.
     Second Church of Christ Scientist
     Second Presbyterian Church
     Security Building (11th and Main)
     Security Building (6th and Wyandotte)
     Security National Bank
     Sells Floto Circus
     Seth E. Ward Residence
     Seven Oaks School
     Seville Light
     Seville Square
     Sewage Treatment Plant
     Sewall Paint and Glass Company
     Sewell and Hughes Paint and Glass Store
     Sexton Hotel
     Sharp Building
     Shaw Motor Company
     Shawnee Drive-In Theater
     Shawnee Indian Mission
     Shawnee Indians
     Shawnee Park
     Shawnee United Methodist Church
     Shawnee, Kansas
     Sheffield Station
     Sheffield Steel Company
     Sheidley Building
     Sheidley Residence
     Sheil Colonial Funeral Home
     Shelby, Joseph O.
     Shelden, Mathilde Dallmeyer
     Shell Oil Company
     Shelley, George M.
     Shelter House Number 1
     Shelter House Number 7
     Shepard, Margaret
     Shepherd Witherspoon Tire Company
     Sheridan Hotel
     Shields Residence
     Shields, Katheryn
     Shippey, Lee
     Shippey, Mary
     Shoe Stores
     Shook, Hardy and Bacon Law Firm
     Shubert Theater
     Shukert Building
     Shutz Residence
     Sibley, George C.
     Sibley, Mary E.
     Sibley, Missouri
     Sibley's Fort
     Siegrist Engraving Company
     Siegrist Silbon Shows Circus
     Sight Brothers Chevrolet
     Signboard Hill
     Silver Laundry and Towel Company
     Silverman Brothers Grocery Store
     Silverman, J.
     Simpson Building
     Simpson House
     Six Mile Church
     Sixth Church of Christ Scientist
     Skaggs Drugstore
     Skates Belting & Supply Company
     Skelly Oil Company
     Skelton, Red
     Slick Airways
     Small Residence
     Small, Bessie
     Smith & Moffatt Coffee & Spice Company
     Smith Baking Company
     Smith Lunch
     Smith-McCord Dry Goods Company
     Smith, Abraham W.
     Smith, Albert G.
     Smith, Albert H.
     Smith, Arthur O.
     Smith, Asa
     Smith, Avis Elida
     Smith, B. F.
     Smith, B. Howard
     Smith, B. P.
     Smith, Beth
     Smith, Bryce B.
     Smith, Calvin
     Smith, Charles A.
     Smith, Chester C.
     Smith, Clifford B., Mrs.
     Smith, Clinton K.
     Smith, Clyde H.
     Smith, Colby K.
     Smith, Cynthia L.
     Smith, D. C.
     Smith, Day K.
     Smith, Dick
     Smith, E. C.
     Smith, E. O.
     Smith, E. W.
     Smith, Ed
     Smith, Ed B.
     Smith, Edgar
     Smith, Edmund B.
     Smith, Edward B.
     Smith, Edward W.
     Smith, Embur V., Mrs.
     Smith, Emma Hale
     Smith, Ernie
     Smith, Ethelyn
     Smith, Eugene F.
     Smith, Eugene N.
     Smith, F. G.
     Smith, Fielding J.
     Smith, Forrest
     Smith, Frank
     Smith, Frederick A.
     Smith, Frederick W.
     Smith, G. Y. and Company
     Smith, Gary
     Smith, Gary F.
     Smith, George
     Smith, George C.
     Smith, George C., Jr.
     Smith, George E.
     Smith, George R.
     Smith, George W.
     Smith, Granville M.
     Smith, Harold
     Smith, Harry
     Smith, Harry J.
     Smith, Harry V.
     Smith, N. Clark
     Smith, Tex
     Smith, William J.
     Smith's Hotel
     Snider, Andrew J.
     Snyder Residence
     Snyderhof Hotel
     Sochre, George
     Society for Contemporary Photography
     Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
     Sophian Plaza Apartments
     Soules, Gerard
     Sousa, John Philip
     South Branch Library
     South Central Business Association
     South Park, Kansas
     South Street
     South Wholesale Building
     Southeast Branch Library
     Southeast High School
     Southeast Motor Company
     Southern Mansion
     Southmoreland Inn
     Southwest Boulevard
     Southwest Branch Library
     Southwest High School
     Southwest Lumbermen's Association Convention
     Southwest News Company Building
     Southwest Trafficway
     Southwestern Bell Telephone Building
     Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
     Southwestern Lumbermen's Association
     Spalding, Charles C.
     Spalding's Commercial College
     Spanish American Baptist Church
     Spanish-American War Memorial
     Sparks Brothers
     Speas Vinegar Plant
     Spink, Frank
     Spirit Fest
     Spirit of Freedom Fountain
     Spiritualist Churches
     Sporting Goods Stores
     Spring Corporation
     Spring Valley Park
     Springfield, Missouri
     Sprint Corporation
     Spruce Avenue
     Square Dancers
     St. Charles, Missouri
     St. Peter's Evangelical Church
     Stained Glass
     Standard Oil Company
     Staples, Pop
     Star Furniture Company
     Star Stamp Company
     Starker's Reserve Restaurant
     Starlight Theater
     Starr Residence
     State Avenue
     State Hotel
     State Line Road
     Station Casino
     Stats Hotel
     Statue of Liberty
     Steamboat Trapper
     Steele, Fanny S.
     Steele, Richard O.
     Stephenson, Lyle A.
     Stephenson's Apple Farm Restaurant
     Steptoe Neighborhood
     Stereopticon Cards
     Stilwell Residence
     Stilwell, Arthur E.
     Stock Runways
     Stone Church
     Storage Tanks
     Store Without a Name
     Stowe Hardware Company
     Stowe, James G.
     Stowers Institute for Medical Research
     Stratton Hall Apartments
     Strauss Residence
     Strawberry Hill
     Street Railways
     Street Scenes
     Street Scenes--1860-1880
     Street Scenes--1880-1900
     Street Scenes--1900-1919
     Street Scenes--1920-1940
     Streetcar Track
     Streetcars, Electric
     Streetcars, Mule-Drawn
     Strickland, F. P.
     Stroud, Leonard
     Stroud's Restaurant
     Strowger, Almon B.
     Stuart Hall Building
     Stubenrauch, Henry
     Studebaker, Hugh
     Studio Building
     Sturges, Mary A.
     Sugar Creek, Missouri
     Sullivan Brewery
     Sullivan, Higdon & Sink Building
     Summit Avenue
     Summit Street
     Sumner School
     Sunshine Biscuit Company Building
     Sunshine Biscuits, Incorporated
     Super Market Institute
     Superior Cleaning and Dyeing Company
     Superior Refrigeration Supply
     Suspension Bridges
     Sutter, John A.
     Swallow, C. C.
     Swan Lake
     Swanson, Gloria
     Swanson's Clothing Store
     Swedish Hospital
     Sweeney Automobile and Tractor School
     Sweeney Automobile School
     Sweeney, Edward F.
     Sweeny, Edward F.
     Swift and Company
     Swinging Bridge
     Swinney Branch Library
     Swinney, Edward F.
     Swinson, Lee
     Switzer Branch Library
     Swope Park
     Swope Park Line
     Swope Park Route
     Swope Parkway
     Swope Pavilion
     Swope Settlement Branch Library
     Swope, Thomas H.
     Swope's Addition
     Symington, Stuart
     T. M. James and Sons
     Taco Bell
     Taft, William Howard
     Tarkio Molasses Feed Company
     Tavern Association
     Taylor, John B.
     Taylor's Building
     Taystee Bread Company
     Tea House
     Ted Weems Orchestra
     Telephone Booths
     Television Stations
     Television Studios
     Television Towers
     Temple Baptist Church
     Temple Building
     Ten Main Center
     Ten-Twelve Building
     Tenement Buildings
     Tension Envelope Company
     Tepheres Israel Cemetery
     Terminal Building
     Terrace (Paseo)
     Terrace (West Terrace Park)
     Tetyak and Young, Incorporated
     Thacher School
     Theatrical Performances
     Thinker Statue
     Third Army
     Third Regiment
     Third Regiment Band
     Thomas B. Lester Residence
     Thomas Carlyle Apartments
     Thomas H. Swope Memorial
     Thomas H. Swope Swimming Pool
     Thomas Hart Benton Memorial
     Thomas Hart Benton Residence
     Thomas, Derrick
     Thompson, Betty
     Thompson, Zelus W.
     Thomson Building
     Tillery School
     Tillman, Lafayette A.
     Tin Shop and Furnaces Store
     Tindell Hotel
     Tiphereth Israel Hebrew Synagogue
     Tippecanoe Club
     Title and Trust Building
     Tobler Flower Shop
     Todd, Simeon S., Dr.
     Toll Gates
     Toll, Alfred
     Tony Aguirre Community Center
     Toohey, Michael (Wide Awake)
     Tower Building
     Tower Theater
     Town House Hotel
     Town of Kansas
     Townley Metal and Hardware Company
     Townley, James P.
     Townley, John M.
     Toy and Miniature Museum
     Toy Stores
     Trade Schools
     Traders National Bank
     Traffic Signals
     Trails West Branch Library
     Trans World Airlines (TWA)
     Trans World Airlines Building (TWA)
     Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT)
     Transit Hotel
     Transpo Corporation of America Building
     Trice Residence
     Trickey, Lorena
     Trigg's Pharmacy
     Trinity Episcopal Church
     Trinity Lutheran Hospital
     Tromanhauser Residence
     Troost Avenue
     Troost Avenue Methodist Church
     Troost Lake
     Troost Line
     Troost Park
     Tropical Habitat Building
     Truman Corners Shopping Center
     Truman Farm
     Truman Medical Center
     Truman Sports Complex
     Truman, Bess W.
     Truman, Harry S.
     Truman, Martha E.
     Truman, Mary
     Tryst Falls Park
     Tucker, Carter
     Tullis Place Apartments (Court)
     Turkey Creek
     Twain, Mark
     Twin Oaks Apartments
     U. S. Federal Court, Western District of Missouri
     U.S. Engineering Company
     U.S. Epperson Megaphone Minstrels
     U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty
     Union Avenue
     Union Block Building
     Union Carbide Building
     Union Cemetery
     Union Depot
     Union Elevator Company
     Union Finance Company
     Union National Bank
     Union Pacific Railroad
     Union Station
     Union Station Massacre
     Union Station--Interior
     United Methodist Churches
     United Missouri Bank Financial Corporation (UMB)
     United Missouri Bank Technology Center (UMB)
     United States Cold Storage Company
     United States Courthouse (9th and Grand)
     Unitog Company
     Unity Church
     Unity Farm
     Unity Inn
     Unity Village
     University Club
     University Hospital
     University Medical College
     University of Health Sciences
     University of Kansas Medical Center
     University of Missouri--Columbia
     University of Missouri--Kansas City
     Unthank, Thomas C.
     Uptown Historic District
     Uptown Theater


     Valdo, Pat
     Valentine Road
     Valerius Cafeteria
     Van Brunt Boulevard
     Van Chevrolet
     Van Horn Branch Library
     Van Horn, Robert T.
     Vanderslice Hall
     Vanderslice, Howard A.
     Vassar Chocolates
     Vaughan's Diamond Building
     Vaughn, Jack J.
     Venice Apartments
     Venus Automotive Body Shop
     Vernon, Buffalo
     Verona Columns
     Victor B. Buck Residence
     Victor Beutner Residence
     Victor Building
     Victory Arch
     Vietnam Veterans Memorial
     Villa Serena Apartments
     Village Green Apartments
     Vine Street
     Virginia Apartments
     Virginia Avenue
     Visitation Catholic Church
     Vocational Education
     Volker Fountain
     Volker Park
     Volker School
     Volker, Rose R.
     Volker, William
     W. D. Womack Manufacturer's Agent
     W. F. Baker Poultry and Eggs
     W. F. Casteen Hardware and Implement Store
     W. R. Smith and Son Wholesale Grocer
     W. W. Morgan Clothing Company
     W.W. Morgan Clothing
     Wagner Funeral Home
     Walden W. Shaw Auto Livery
     Waldheim Building
     Waldo Astoria Theater
     Waldo Residential District
     Walker Residence
     Wall Street
     Wallace Residence
     Walnut and Grand Line
     Walnut Street
     Walnut Street Methodist Church
     Walnut Street--19th Century
     Walnuts Apartments
     Walsh, Anna C.
     Walt Disney Residence
     Walter Bales Residence
     Walter L. Main Circus
     Walters, Bill
     Waltower Building
     Waltus L. Watkins Residence
     Ward Parkway
     Ward Parkway Shopping Center
     Ward, Hugh C.
     Warder Grand Opera House
     Warder, George W.
     Ware, Allison M.
     Warne Motor Company
     Warner Plaza
     Warner, William
     Warrick, Ruth
     Warwick Boulevard
     Warwick Club
     Washington Apartments
     Washington Branch Library
     Washington Hotel
     Washington Irving Apartments
     Washington Park
     Washington School
     Washington Square Park
     Washington Street
     Washington Street Power House
     Water Department
     Water Lines
     Water Towers
     Water Works
     Water Works Building
     Water Works Park
     Water Works Plant
     Watkins Bank
     Watkins Farm, Missouri
     Watkins Mill
     Watkins, Joe
     Watts Mill
     WDAF Radio
     Weber Gas and Gasoline Engine Company
     Weber Meat and Provision Company
     Webster School
     Weems, Ted
     Weinberg Grocery Company
     Welch-Hutchinson Cycle Company
     Wells Fargo Company
     Wendell Phillips Public School
     Wendell Phillips School
     Wendt-Latham Motor Company
     Werby, David
     Werby, Jacob
     Werby, Joseph
     West Bluffs
     West Bottoms
     West Branch Library
     West Side
     West Side Café
     West Terrace Park
     Western Auto Building
     Western Blue Print Company
     Western College
     Western Gallery of Art
     Western Harness Manufacturers and Dealers Association
     Western Retail Implement and Hardware Show
     Western States Distributing Company
     Western Union Telegraph Company
     Westgate Hotel
     Westin Crown Center Hotel
     Westminster Congregational Church
     Weston, Missouri
     Westport Art Fair
     Westport Branch Library
     Westport Centennial
     Westport High School
     Westport Junior High School
     Westport Juvenile Fire Department
     Westport Landing
     Westport Memorial Statue
     Westport Mill
     Westport Presbyterian Church
     Westport Road
     Westport School
     Westport Square
     Westwood Park
     Wharf Building
     Whatsoever Community Center
     Wheatley-Provident Hospital
     Wheatley, Charles
     Wheatley, Thomas J.
     White Castle
     White Motor Company
     White School
     White, John Barber
     White, Ronald M.
     Whitney, Carrie Westlake
     Whittaker, Charles E.
     Whizzo the Clown
     Wholesale Hardware Dealers Convention
     Wiedenmann Brothers Grocery Store
     Wiggle Inn
     Wild West Shows
     Wilkinson, Patricia
     William Chrisman High School
     William F. Shelley Residence
     William Miles Residence
     William T. and Charlotte Crosby Kemper Memorial Fountain
     William Volker and Company
     William Volker Residence (Roselawn)
     Willis Wood Theater
     Willys-Knight Overland, Incorporated
     Wilson Residence
     Wilson, Woodrow
     Window Displays
     Wine Gardens
     Winner, Willard E.
     Winnwood Beach
     Winston Churchill Statue
     Winter Scenes
     Winter, George F.
     Wirthman Building
     Wirthman Residence
     Wise, Clift
     Withers, Webster
     Witte Engine Works
     Wiziarde, Frank O.
     Wolfe, Lorna
     Wolferman's Grocery Store
     Women's Chamber of Commerce
     Wonderland Arcade
     Wood Brothers Ice House
     Wood, Dean E.
     Woodland Avenue
     Woodland School
     Woodlands Apartments
     Woodruff Motor Company
     Woods, Smith D.
     Woods, William Stone
     Woolf Brothers
     Woolworth Building
     World War I
     Worlds of Fun
     Wornall Family
     Wornall House
     Wornall Road
     Wornall Road Baptist Church
     Wornall, Francis C.
     Wright Brothers
     Wright Home
     Wright School
     Wright, Alton, Mrs.
     Wright, D. S.
     Wright, Edward C.
     Wright, Francis A.
     Wright, Frank L.
     Wright, Frank Lloyd
     Wright, George G.
     Wright, Harold Bell
     Wright, Purd B.
     Wright's Condensed Smoke
     Writers' Place
     Wyandotte County Courthouse
     Wyandotte County Lake
     Wyandotte County, Kansas
     Wyandotte High School
     Wyandotte Hotel
     Wyandotte Street
     Wyatt, Thomas E.
     Wyoming Street


     Yoacham Tavern
     Yoga Gallery
     Young Men's Christian Association Building (YMCA 18th & Paseo)
     Young Men's Christian Association Building (YMCA)
     Young Men's Christian Association Children's Center Campus for the Visually Impaired (YMCA)
     Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
     Young Women's Christian Association Building (YWCA)
     Young, Andrew
     Younger Family
     Youth for Christ
     Zimmerman, B. W.