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Advertising Cards Collection

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     A. H. Whitney Company
     A. J. Runkle and Company
     A. N. Sadler and Company
     A. O. Bettes Manufacturing Company
     Abraham Lincoln Statue
     Adams, T. Lee
     Alger, A. W.
     Altman, J. C.
     American Hominy Flake Co.
     Auditorium Theater
     Beaham Mfg. Co.
     Bean, Heman L.
     Bean, W. H.
     Bernheimer Brothers and Co.
     Black, J. S.
     Blue Springs Milling Co.
     Bone Spring Co.
     Boss Grocery
     Boston Shoe Store
     Boutin's Department House
     Bradbury Pianos
     Brewer, H. O.
     Brittain and Smith
     Brown, George W. and Company
     Browning, King and Co.
     Brunswick Drug Store
     Buford and George Implement Company
     Bullene, Moore, and Emery
     C. A. Murdock Manufacturing Company
     C. M. Northup and Company
     Cady and Olmstead Jewelers
     Cahn, Joseph
     Central College of Shorthand
     Chas. D. Webster and Company
     Chicago and North Western Railway
     Chicago, St. Paul and Kansas City Railroad
     City Art Rooms
     City Drug Store
     Clendening, E. M. and Co.
     Cleveland, Grover
     Coates Opera House
     Colgate Palmolive Peet Company
     Collins, W. H.
     Columbus Buggy Company
     Conover Bros.
     Convention Hall
     Corle Cracker and Confectionery Co.
     Curd, Joseph and Brothers


     D. Richmond and Son
     Degginger, N. Clyde
     Diamond Dental Parlors
     Diamond Drug Store
     Diamond Paint Company
     Doggett Dry Goods Co.
     Domestic Sewing Machine Co.
     Dugan, George
     Eagle Manufacturing Co.
     East Indians
     Eastern Marble and Granite Works
     Eclipse Starch Co.
     Egelhoff and Stoeltzing
     Empire Clothing Company
     Ennis, Hanly, Blackburn Company
     Evans, Henry W.
     Eyssell, George J.
     Eyssell, Hugo
     Eyssell's Model Pharmacy
     F. Menown Manufacturing Company
     F. Weber's Sons
     Fairbanks, Morse and Company
     Faultless Starch Company
     Filmore, Millard
     Findlay, Wally W.
     Flint and Walling Manufacturing Company
     Foster, John J.
     Fred Eyssell Drugstore
     Fred Harvey Restaurant


     Gallagher, John A.
     Garth, Henry C.
     Gaylord and Barcley
     Gem Drug Store
     Gentry's Dollar Store
     George E. Wisner's Saloon and Restaurant
     Getty, Wm. and Son
     Gill Piano Company
     Glesner, Ross and Co.
     Globe Shoe Parlors
     Golden Eagle Clothing Company
     Grand Avenue Furniture, Auction, Storage and Commercial Company
     Grand Opera House
     Grant, Ulysses S.
     Gray, F. T.
     Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P Store)
     Great Western Pants Co.
     Green, S. K.
     H. Patterson and Company
     Hadlond, F. T.
     Haley, C. B. and Co.
     Hall and Willis Hardware Company
     Hammerslough Brothers Dry Goods
     Hampton, C. E.
     Harding, W. C. Rubber Company
     Harnden Seed Co.
     Harrison, Benjamin
     Hawkins Manufacturing Company
     Heim Brewery
     Herrick Clothing Company
     Hershfield, The Jeweler
     Hewson, James
     Hipes, Geo. S. and Co.
     Hoffman, Carl
     Hoffman, Carl Music House
     Holland, Alexander
     Holland's Shoe and Clothing House
     Holman and French
     Howe Scale Company
     Hughes and Dugan Steam Stone Works
     Hungerford, B. S.
     Hunter, Robert F.


     J. E. Vincent and Company
     J. F. Schmelzer and Sons
     J. H. Leonard and Company
     J. H. North Furniture and Carpet Company
     Jaccard's Jewelry Store
     Jackson, Andrew
     Janesville Machine Co.
     Jaques, F. F. and Co.
     Jarrett, N.
     Jefferson, Thomas
     Jenkins Music Company
     Jewett, Erwin S.
     Jones Dry Goods Company
     K. C. Hydraulic-Press Brick Co.
     Kansas City Baby Carriage Co.
     Kansas City Milling Company
     Kansas City Oat Meal and Cereal Co.
     Kansas City Piano Co.
     Kansas City Sewing Machine Co.
     Kansas City Soap Company
     Kansas City Wire and Iron Works
     Karges and Cartwright Dry Goods Company
     Kee, Quon Sam
     Keith, Robert Furniture and Carpet Company
     Kelly, Peter
     Kendall Boot and Shoe Company
     Keystone Wringer Company
     Kirk, David B. and Co.
     Legg Brothers
     Legg, S. A.
     Leonard, F. R.
     Lewis Paint and Glass Company
     Lloyd and Thomas
     Logan, John A.
     Long Bros.
     Louvre Glove Company


     M. B. Wright and Company
     Manning and Mann
     Martin, Snyder and Company
     McClune, Bart
     McFarlan Carriage Company
     Melville Wood and Company
     Menown Brothers
     Menown, F. Mfg. Co.
     Metropolitan Shoe House
     Midland Tobacco Works
     Missouri Pacific Railroad
     Missouri Pacific Railway
     Model Clothing House
     Moline Plow Company
     Moore and Snyder
     Moore Brothers and Company
     Murphy, J. G.
     New England Building
     New Home Sewing Machine Company
     Newell and Kidd
     Nicolai and Michaelis
     Ninth Street Dry Goods Company
     North, John H.
     North, Orrison & Company
     O'Neill, John P.
     Osborne and Pitrat
     Oviatt Shoe Store
     Owen, Pixley and Company


     P. P. Mast and Company
     Palace Clothing Company
     Para Rubber Company
     Pascoe, John G.
     Patterson, Bell and Company
     Pearson, Archibald A.
     Peet Bros. Mfg. Co.
     Phoenix Saloon
     Pinkert, E.
     Potvin, George P.
     Poultry Supply House
     R. C. Parlett and Company
     R. S. Brown and Sons
     Radford Bros.
     Reade & Hulett
     Real Painless Dentists
     Roberts, W. B.
     Robidoux, Louis
     Roll, Thayer and Williams Company
     Roxbury and Kenney
     Russell, C. E.


     Sachs, Mrs. R.
     Sadler, A. N.
     San Francisco, California
     Santa Claus
     Sayers, Thomas H.
     Scharnagel, Emil
     Scherman, J.
     Schoen, Louis A.
     Schoen, Louis A., Jr.
     Scott, Frank
     Seeger, William H.
     Shepard's, H. H.
     Shing, Lung
     Shukert Fur Company
     Shukert, Ernest
     Siegfried Bros.
     Singer Manufacturing Co.
     Slaughter, E. T.
     Sleek, Henry
     Sloss' Millinery, Fancy & Hair Goods
     Smith American Organ Company
     Smith, F. G.
     Smith, J. M.
     Smith's, John Boot and Shoe Store
     Sorosis Shoe Co.
     Spalding, James F.
     Spalding's Commercial College
     Statue of Liberty
     Stoeltzing Stove and Hardware Company
     Stoeltzing, Ernst
     Streicher's Wholesale and Retail Jewelers
     Strope, George W.
     Swift and Company
     TaffĂ©, Mrs. D. N.
     Taft's Dental Rooms
     Taylor, John B.
     Teachenor-Bartberger Engraving Company
     Theater Groups
     Thornburrow and Stone
     Troy Steam Laundry
     Tullis, J. W.
     Turner, T. J.
     Union Bank Note Company
     Union Pacific Tea Company
     Union Shoe Store


     Walnut Street Storage Company
     Warneke Bakery
     Weis and Ridge
     Western Installment Book Company
     Wilcox and White Organ Company
     Williams, F. M.
     Wirthman, J. George
     Wm. Getty and Son
     Womack, W. D.
     Woodward Stock Company
     Woodward, Faxon and Company
     Wright, H. T.