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Douglas A. MacArthur
181. Douglas A. MacArthur
Dr. E. Stanley Jones
182. Dr. E. Stanley Jones
Dutton Brookfield
183. Dutton Brookfield
E. V. Nash
184. E. V. Nash

E. V. Nash
185. E. V. Nash
E.N. Vegiard
186. E.N. Vegiard
Earl McGrath
187. Earl McGrath
Earl O. Shreve and James Salter
188. Earl O. Shreve and James Salter

Earl O. Shreve and Kearney Wornall
189. Earl O. Shreve and Kearney Wornall
Earl Shackelford
190. Earl Shackelford
Earl Shreve
191. Earl Shreve
Earl Swain
192. Earl Swain

Ebert H. May
193. Ebert H. May
Ed (Strangler) Lewis
194. Ed (Strangler) Lewis
Eddie Osborne
195. Eddie Osborne
Edith E. Eykamp
196. Edith E. Eykamp

Edward L. Williams
197. Edward L. Williams
Edward R. Welles
198. Edward R. Welles
Edward Randolph Welles
199. Edward Randolph Welles
Edward Randolph Welles
200. Edward Randolph Welles