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Audrey Allen
21. Audrey Allen
Audrey Davis
22. Audrey Davis
Barbara Clough
23. Barbara Clough
Barbara Clough
24. Barbara Clough

Beatrice Burk
25. Beatrice Burk
Beatrice Burk
26. Beatrice Burk
Beatrice Burk
27. Beatrice Burk
Beatrice Burk and Dance Partner
28. Beatrice Burk and Dance Partner

Beatrice Burk/Sonia Ledinova
29. Beatrice Burk/Sonia Ledinova
Bidu Sayao
30. Bidu Sayao
Bobbye Hunter and Geraldine Hensler
31. Bobbye Hunter and Geraldine Hensler
Bruna Castagna
32. Bruna Castagna

C. Y. Thomas
33. C. Y. Thomas
Catherine Elsie Epp
34. Catherine Elsie Epp
Catherine Elsie Epp
35. Catherine Elsie Epp
Charles Johnson
36. Charles Johnson

Charles L. Johnson
37. Charles L. Johnson
Charles L. Johnson
38. Charles L. Johnson
Christine Montgomery
39. Christine Montgomery
Christine Montgomery
40. Christine Montgomery